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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, December 20, 2021

covid 19-here comes the covid tsunami


if i could redo this picture today i would add another covid virus going down that tunnel
one would be the delta variant which represents 98% of our cases
the other one would be the omicron or as i call it the oh my cron variant
its cases the omicron is doubling every couple of days

what you will see in the next few weeks is that the omicron will overtake and replace the delta variant as the most dominant variant of covid
it probably will totally replace the delta variant

right now what we are seeing as the covid infections are starting to overtake our medical systems again
is that sadly
the damaging effects of omicron is going to probably be worse

is more contagious right now 
its the most contagious virus that humans see 
even more contagious than measles the previous most contagious virus

in new york the last few days the covid cases are the highest that they have seen so far with the pandemic
remember how bad new york was back at the beginning of all this
well hospitalizations and deaths will be up there even higher in 3-4 weeks
there hasnt even been the christmas surge yet
the omicron hasnt even hit hard there yet

two of the monoclonal antibodies from regeneron and lilly dont work on omicron
vir has a monoclonal antibody that does work and they are ramping up its supply
right now its in limited supply

its not known how bad omicron will be yet
will it cause the same amount of death and destruction that delta has done
will it just cause milder symptoms
we will know in a bad way probably in about a month how bad it is when it takes over

if you are triple vaxxxed and are not immunosuppressed you will probably have a mild case of omicron infection
you will be able to transmit it to others though
those vulnerable around you are at risk of getting an infection from you
you are unlikely to be hospitalized or die with covid

if you are double vaxxed and are not immunosuppressed you will probably have a stronger case of omicron but probably wont get admitted or die from it
you also are likely to transmit it to others
those vulnerable around you are at risk of getting an infection from you

if you are unvaxxed but had covid you might or might not have adequate antibody protection against omicron
if you had the old original covid you are more vulnerable to reinfection
you also can get a mild case or a severe case and give it to others
if you are high risk then you might get sicker
those vulnerable around you are at risk of getting an infection from you

also the best protection folks can have is in those who had covid that then get vaxxinated

if you are unvaxxed and havent had covid yet then you are in the high risk category for dying and getting hospitalized with severe covid

you are the reason this pandemic is still ongoing and the reason why we have variants
unvaxxed folks casued this to happen

until enough unvaxxed folks get sick with covid or get their covid shots this pandemic will not ever go away

sadly our future with this pandemic is in your hands

now if you are on ivermectin or chloroquinoline rest assured you wont get intestinal worms or malaria
or lice or rosacea 
you will likely catch covid though

i worked with an animal parasitologist the year before i started medical school
we used drugs like ivermectin to treat parasite infections in cattle and goats and sheep 
i even had my name published on the research in a research journal
so i had some familiarity with these drugs before i started to medical school
i must say none of the animals caught covid 19

i am asked frequently what to do about get togethers this holiday season
i have several infectious disease doctors that i listen to
no i dont pay attention to folks like joe rogan since his credentials cant meet theirs
these infectious disease doctors pretty much say the same
they also are all worried about this omicron tsunami thats arriving here

for the holidays
make sure everyone there is double vaxxed if not triple vaxxxed
do covid testing the day of the get together on everyone
if testing is not done everyone should wear a mask
dont get together with anyone unvaxxed
try to have it outside or if inside have good ventilation 

travel is ok if 
you are double vaxxed or preferred triple vaxxxed
you should wear a double mask of a kn95 or a n95 mask and a surgical mask or cloth mask
definitely wear the double mask in the airport  terminal

dont travel if you dont have to

if you are vaxxed or vaxxxed you will if you catch covid probably have a mild case
you are unlikely to to be hospitalized or die from covid if you catch
you can transmit it to vulnerable folks 

if you are unvaxxed
what can i say 
thanks for nothing

you shouldnt be traveling or getting together with groups
you are vulnerable to get severely infected and get hospitalized and are the group that is dying now with covid

its sad that there are vulnerable folks like mr hudson and other acquaintances of ours who are not able to take the vaxxine
the age group mr hudson is it has had their vaxxines delayed
they might have to have the triple shot regimen 
well thats also whats recommended for all folks right now over 16

we all have a moral obligation to protect these vulnerable folks           

the organicgreen doctor

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