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Monday, December 6, 2021

covid 19-how bad is the omicron variant


i call it instead of omicron the oh my cron variant

infectious experts that i like seem to say it may become the dominant variant in a few weeks replacing the delta variant 

it seems this omicron variant is 
more transmittable
the original virus if you got it you averaged infecting 1-2 people
the delta variant if you got it you averaged infecting around 5 people
the omicron variant if you got it you would average infecting around 12 people
so its more likely to be spread 

its going to take over at a not good time
its getting colder in the us which forces folks inside more
folks are also out and about more
they are traveling all over the place getting together with friends and families
this omicron and the delta will spread more in the next month

how bad will it be
we want know for about a month
thats when 
we will see the surge of hospitalizations and deaths from the delta and the new one omicron

will it cause worse sickness since it is more transmittable or contagious
we dont know yet
give us a month and we will all know how bad it will be

if its bad youll see that peak we are worried about

so far
it is more contagious

the most contagious virus is measles
it apparently is as contagious as measles


see the picture above of the mutated spike protein on the omicron
its pretty gnarly looking

it looks like if you stepped on it barefooted it would hurt like a logo piece or a sliver of glass does

it though seems to cause breakthrough cases even in double vaxxed folks and triple vaxxxed folks
the symptoms arent severe and putting vaxxed folks in the hospital
however it hasnt been around long enough here yet to know for sure how bad it will be
in january well know 

as with the old one the omicron is going after the unvaxxed the hardest
well see if it causes worse disease in the unvaxxed

the omicron seems to be hitting kids harder than delta or the original virus

if we are lucky
the omicron will be more contagious but be less deadly
time will tell

if you are unvaxxed then you have no protection from this virus
options are 
antibody treatment early on in the disease
oral antiviral meds arriving soon
early treatment with steroids
these three make keep you from being hospitalized
the most proved way is to just get the vaxxine in the first place

if you are vaxxed but immunosuppressed
you need to be careful what you are doing since this omicron and the other variants can hit you hard
you might consider early treatment if you are in this category

in our circle mr hudson is our last to be vaxxed person
we are waiting on approval for his age group to get vaxxed
hopefully in early 2022
study results on his age group < 5 should be out later this month
hopefully soon to follow will be fda approval for this age group

in the meantime
everyone in his circle is vaxxed
even his sister ms b in now double vaxxed
should he get exposed to or should he catch covid since he is immunosuppressed he will now be able to go to cedars sinai to receive covid antibody treatment

we wear masks around him
this new variant omicron may be transmittable to others even if you get a breakthrough case and  are vaxxed or vaxxxed 
he wears a mask in public
if we have symptoms we get tested for covid
weve done this enough we have this down

you should protect your high risk or unvaxxed relatives or friends the same way


my impression is from reading about this variant is that

it will take over as the dominant or only variant
it may not cause bad disease in vaxxed folks
it may not cause as bad disease in unvaxxed folks or undervaxxed folks but it might
it is hitting kids harder than the other variants
it is partially sensitive to our vaxxines

how bad will it be
time will tell

the organicgreen doctor

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