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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

replicating robots



replicating means making an exact copy of or to reproduce
when i saw this in the headlines of this npr article
my mind started working
wondering how in the heck robots replicated
how would they do it

i think of r2d2 and cp3o from star wars when i think of robots
those new robots that sort of look like mechanical dogs that can go up stairs and do tasks or those amazon robots in their warehouses

how do they replicate
do they you know 
do it

how i wondered
maybe they make their own baby robots

what the article was about was xenobots
robots made from cells

in this case they use the stem cells of an african frog
stem cells can make any organ in the body
we hear of stem cells and their use in medicine
stem cell transplants for cancer treatment

they probably will be used to make organs one day by using a persons stem cells to transplant into the person needing the organ

back to the frog cell stem cell xenobots
they really arent what i think of robots 

these xenobots are made from these stem cells thrown in a petri dish
these cells form a c shaped xenobot that looks like pac man as it zooms around the petri dish
scooping up stray stem cells and sucking them into the pac man xenobots
then it poops out or extrudes or vomit's or pees out another xenobot

thus replicating itself

thats not really what i was thinking before i read the article
after watching the video above i understand

my final thoughts were

im glad it wasnt a real robot since they might take over the world like in the movies

that seems weird and seems like bad things could happen messing with nature like that
i remember those old movies about the blob that would kill folks

these xenobots or stem cells could be used to make much needed organs that has the same dna of the recipient
they could lead to cancer cures or fixing nerve damaging diseases like alzheimers or ms or als  or fixing trauma like brain damage or paralysis eg
the uses are endless

we do 
need to keep in mind number two

the organicgreen doctor

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