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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

covid 19-the tsunami just landed


last night my wife she and i were watching pbs news when the reporter said
73% of the new covid cases were now due to omicron 
i turned to her
she must mean uk not usa
so i watched the rest of the news thinking that the reporter misspoke
i thought thats not possible
is it

then i went to a news feed and went to other news sources
there it was

just less than 3 weeks ago it was 0.4% then 3% then 13% then now 73%
in new york its over 90% now
its not reported as being here in santa barbara but im sure its here
if not i expect it to show up soon here

yesterday i spoke to a nurse who is working with high risk patients in this area
she is concerned
her patients are vulnerable
almost all their staff is double vaxxed
it should be 100%
no exceptions
exceptions can lead to death of their patients
the staffing is down all over the medical system in this area
so is the morale
they are tired
it hasnt even hit us here yet
she is worried that they will not have enough staff to take care of patients

this is in a area that has not really been hit that hard as most places 
you can imagine what it must be like in places like ohio where the national guard is helping to provide medical care
new york where its the worse it has been so far

now we dont know how bad this surge this tsunami will be
we wont really know for about 3-4 weeks
all the hospitalizations and deaths at that time will be mostly due to omicron
how many will tell us how bad this new omicorn infection really is

if you are out in society at all you will be exposed to this most highly contagious virus that man is facing
if you are unvaxxed and are careless you will get infected

some of us made it to higher ground before this tsunami hit
we are double vaxxed or triple vaxxxed 
we wear our mask
we test ourselves when we need to 
we are avoiding risky encounters

many of you are going to get caught in this tsunami at sea level if
you are unvaxxed
you are not careful
you dont wear a mask
some of you dont even believe its bad
you will most likely this time catch it
it inevitable 

folks are also getting reinfected with omicron 
some will catch it and not know they have it and spread it to others

these are some of the high risk categories being in a long term facility obesity diabetes asthma and other lung diseases cancer patients any connective tissue disease being on immunosuppressant drugs heart disease kidney disease over 65 pregnancy to name a few

your only lifeboat is to get vaxxed now and to avoid getting exposed
good luck

please help out anyway you can those who work in the medical field
they are about to enter a war with this virus that will be the biggest battle so far
they need our compassion and our support

please protect those vulnerable folks from this tsunami

wear a mask
avoid gettogethers without doing these things
make sure all are vaxxed
make sure all are tested just prior to the gettogether
wear a mask inside
keep the location ventilated with open doors and windows
make it outside 
dont get together with anyone unvaxxed

consider like many are doing 
cancel it and do zoom or facetime or phone visitation

you will see why in about 3-4 weeks
hopefully the tsunami will recede soon after that 
hopefully it wont have engulfed too many folks

the organicgreen doctor

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