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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, December 13, 2021

covid 19-we will know soon how bad omicron will be


if you are triple vaxxxed for covid 19 you are unlikely to be hospitalized for covid or die from covid
you are also unlikely to even get a mild breakthrough case
if you are immunocompromised the triple vaxxxing may not protect you as well

if you are unvaxxed you will be in the group that is at risk for being hospitalized or for dying from covid 

if you are only double vaxxed you are risk for breakthrough cases some of which can put you in the hospital but you probably wont die from covid unless you are immunocompromised 

you should continue to be masked
remember there are also other viral upper respiratory infections that are infecting folks 
masking and other safety measures can prevent those infections

we are losing around 1200 folks a day 
over 80% of them are unvaxxed
we have reached the awful 800,000 deaths so far from covid
we should hit 1 million deaths from covid sometime next year

how soon that happens will be determined by how bad omicron is and how soon it takes over in the us
its predicted to hit that mark of being the dominant variant next month
how many folks get triple vaxxxed will determine how bad it is

the unvaxxed and the only double vaxxed are now spreading the covid and will especially be the spreaders of omicron

those who got covid are having their immunity drop off and are now getting reinfected

omicron is hitting kids harder than the delta variant but they arent getting more sick

the number of hospitalizations and deaths will be the measure of how bad this next wave carried forward by the omicron wave will be 

if these numbers hospitalizations and deaths stay low despite increased infections thats a sign the omicorn may not cause bad disease or that more folks are getting triple vaxxed

in the uk two pfizer vaxxines gave you 30% effectiveness against omicron
the astra zeneca gave you no protection
if you got triple vaxxxine that number rose to 70-75%

its expected that omicron numbers will skyrocket in the us next month

in london right now 40% of the variants are omicron
the virus is doubling every 2-3 days
eg one case in one month could lead to a million cases at that rate

if you are unvaxxed and you get omicron or delta your infection will probably be worse

if you are not triple vaxxed you are not protected
if you had covid especially several months ago you may be losing your acquired immunity 

wearing a mask is till important 

if you do get sick with covid you can
get antibody infusions 
do this asap
consider taking the new anticovid pills
consider steroids 

also a new antibody shot will be available that will protect you for about 6 months from getting infected
its used as a preventative shot

i think back to where we were about 2 years ago
when i got sick with what i think was covid
had it been now when i got sick i could have definitely known with almost 100% accuracy if what i had was covid
if i was positive i would have opted for iv antibodies and iv antivirals and steroids
back then they were sending real sick folks back home 
many died 
if it was today i would also opt for pfizers oral pill that is soon to be out
i might not have been sick for so long

i might be able to wear all my old clothes also that now hang in the closet waiting for me to return to my old weight of 2019
im halfway there

just think of the lives that could have been saved
well that would be around 800000 if they had gotten vaxxxed and had receive the care mentioned above
the death rate would have been maybe lower than 100000
of course if all of this had not been politicized and all the crazy theories had not unduly influence folks to go down that funnel in my picture above of the covid going down the funnel

this is all on us for letting this happen

be safe
get vaxxed

we are all stuck with this outbreak for awhile

the organicgreen doctor

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