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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Monday, January 24, 2022

covid 19-are we or arent we getting better


the answer to the question in the title of this blog 
it depends

it depends
on where you live
how safe you are
how safe those around you are

if you live in new york things are looking better
the infection rate is dropping there
what follows later is the hospitalization rates will be dropping
the death rate will start dropping

in other parts of the country like some southern states the number of infections are still climbing
then later the hospitalizations will continue to increase and later deaths will increase
these areas have several weeks of misery to go

here where we live the number of cases are climbing but they are starting to taper off
the hospitalizations and deaths are going up
hopefully soon as the cases drop those numbers will start going down

the problem in the hospitals here is that there is a staffing problem since there are burned out and sick employees

our vaxx rate here is 65.9% fully vaxxed

since we are triple vaxxxed and wear n95 masks when we are out and about we dont limit what we do that much
the individuals we interact with are all triple vaxxed
we realize that if we get exposed we are unlikely to get sick or if we do we wont have it bad
we just dont want to be the vector to pass it on to someone vulnerable to the infection

when you are triple vaxxed like we are then this triple vaxxing is 90% effective against hospitalizations

i have several infectious disease experts i listen to
the general consensus is
this will peak out soon and hopefully a precipitous drop in cases will occur
we may get down to a low level of infections like we saw last summer

If we are lucky that level of infection will stay there long term
there will probably be seasonal increases like the flu does and other respiratory infections do

there will be likely a annual covid 19 vaxxine that will be tweeked each year like they do with the flu vaccine
if enough people keep getting the annual covid vaxxine the endemic covid will be kept under control 

if not
or if another strong variant that evades the vaxxines or the immunity from getting infected goes away
we will get hit hard again
like we did with the h1n1 flu a few years ago

as you are deciding what to do
remember there are still over 2000 folks dying each day in the us from covid

our kids under 5 cant get vaxxed yet
hopefully we are 1-2  months away from getting them vaxxed

if you are unvaxxed or if you are vaxxed but are immunocompromised and you get symptomatic covid
you are the ones that are getting hospitalized and are dying

i would early on
seek medical care
as for the monoclonal antibody infusions if its available
get on the new antiviral pills as soon as possible thats asap
these two things will keep you from get sicker getting in the hospital and maybe dying
if you are unvaxxed you might consider getting vaxxed so those things wont happen

if not 
what can i say

we my wife she and i
wear our n95 masks unless we are outside away from folks
avoid inside locations for now
we will not travel or do events etc until the covid becomes endemic

once mr hudson gets vaxxxxed and has a good immune response we will liberalize what we do

heres hoping this goes endemic soon

the organicgreen doctor

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