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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

here comes robo umps


when i read about robotic umpires or as they are called automated ball strike systems or abs
in my mind i envisioned #5 alive the robot from the short circuit movies standing behind the catcher calling balls and strikes
i can just hear him saying sssstttttrike in his robot accent
sort of like the picture above from the linked article on this

i was a baseball pitcher from age 10 to age 15
i was usually the best pitcher in the league
i always was the pitcher for the all star team

so i had some experience being at the mercy of the umpire

later in life i was a slow pitch softball pitcher
again you are at the mercy of the umpire
if the umpire got picky on their calls then it was going to be a long night for being the pitcher

ive thought about whether we should let a robo ump call balls and strikes
basically the way i understand it there are cameras taking different angles and the computer puts all that together and signals whether the pitch is a ball or strike to the home plate umpire

does the message sound like #5 alive saying strike or ball 
is it a single tone for a strike or a double tone for a ball
im not sure how the message gets relayed to the ump

it being a ump with a robo ump must be like a truckdriver who sits in a driverless truck

apparently the strike zone is different using the robo ump
the zone is over the plate and not the catcher mit
the strike corners are different
some say the strike zone gets shifted away some from the batter some
some curve balls are called balls not strikes

i watched some video of those type of pitches
if i was pitching i would say that was a ball but #5 alive would call it a strike
the curve balls would be a strike

they are using these robo umps now in the minor league

i would love to watch a game where its used to make my own judgement about them

the purist in me doesnt like the robo umps
having to pitch to the umpires strike zone which can be a bigger rectangle or a small rectangle
the batter and the pitcher have to adjust to how the umps vision is that day 

i learned one thing pitching those years
dont make the umpire mad at you

i guess you could talk back to a robo ump and they wont care

i dont know
i sort of like having a human with their inaccuracies making those home plate calls

#5 alive i like the old way better

the organicgreen doctor

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