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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, January 3, 2022

covid 19-what does it all mean


many places are seeing more cases each day of covid than has been seen since this pandemic started in early 2020
the true test of how bad this surge will be is the number of hospitalizations and deaths that are occurring each day
the number of covid cases will skyrocket over the next few weeks to heights not seen before
how bad is this is for us will be determined by those two stats

so for those numbers are up but not as high a number as in previous surges
ie the number of hospitalizations per infections will be lower thanks mostly due to the vaxxines and those who have some immunity form previous covid infections
so many folks will get infected that the total hospitalizations will be up

it seems from early data that this omicron which continues to head to total dominance will not cause as much hospitalizations or deaths as previous variants

or here is a link to a bmi calculator if you arent good at math

if you are vaxxed or vaxxxed you if you get sick with covid and have no comorbidities like cancer asthma obesity diabetes heart disease kidney disease immunosuppression etc
you will likely only have no symptoms or will have like a mild cold
if you have those comorbidities you may get a little sicker or you might end up in the hospital but you are unlikely to die

check your bmi using the above formula
if your bmi is over 25 then you have at least one comorbidity
this makes you at risk to get sick but probably not die

i did mine when the panic first started and my bmi was 26
i had two comorbidities
bmi over 25
age over 70
that put me in a high risk category
my bmi is 22
i have one comorbidity ie im over 70

i should do ok if i get covid
especially if my illness in 2020 was covid then i would be like vaxxxxed

if you are unvaxxed but had covid you may or may not have gotten good immunity 
if you were sick with covid early on then you are probably more vulnerable to reinfection and to getting sicker
fi you add comorbidities to your risk then your risk goes higher

if you are unvaxxed 
you will probably get infected with this virus this month if you havent already
you will either have mild symptoms or you will get sicker than you have been with the flu but do ok or you might get hospitalized

sadly you are in the group that makes up almost all of the hospitalizations and pretty much all of the deaths

you if you get worse are good candidates for antibody treatment and antivirals

this is also the group that is getting slammed with long term covid symptoms and disabilities

its so simple to prevent this

sometime when this present surge slows down in 1-3 months
we need to all look at how to decide what we all should be doing

if you are vaxxxed ie triple vaxxxed 
you probably dont need to worry at all about getting very sick and probably can do whatever you want to do without worrying about it
you should wear a n95 or kn95 mask in high risk encounters
your job should be to not spread it to those vulnerable folks with those comorbidities
to not spread it those who have chosen not to protect themselves

if you are vaxxxed and have comorbidities
remember that may be over 60% of those who are vaxxxed

if you are not vaxxed
you are the ones that are making this pandemic continue to spread
you are the ones ending up in the hospitalization and death statistics
there is only one antibody treatment that works against omcron 
its in short supply 
seek treatment early in the disease if you are unvaxxed
if you wait too late these treatments wont work

what are we doing
we are wearing a kn95 mask 
we quit wearing cloth masks since the omicorn is more contagious and these masks let the virus through 
we still avoid high risk situations 
if we do we wear our mask
if we are in low risk situations you will see us with our mask off
the beach the garden walking hiking bicycling 
if we were to go to a restaurant we will only eat outside
we dont plan on traveling via airplane 
but if we did we would wear our kn95 mask and a surgical mask

we mainly do this not to worry about ourselves but to protect our vulnerable contacts
older folks and mr hudson a kidney transplant patient

masking has become second nature like wearing a hat or putting on a seatbelt 
its not a big deal

also we dont wont want to get sick with something like a bad cold or bad flu or covid
i like feeling good every day

the covid blizzard is hitting and will last for several weeks
since so many folks will get infected there will be a surge in hospitalizations and deaths in mostly unvaxxed folks
schools airlines universities restaurants theme parks vacation spots hotels etc will get hit hard with shutdowns
there will be shortages of teachers doctors nurses medical staff pilots airline personnel etc that will affect us all 

hardly any vaxxed kids are being admitted to the children hospitals
theyre almost if not all in some locations all unvaxxed

i saw a new word this morning
thats someone who has gotten both the flu and covid at the same time
that would be bad
masking and shots will likely prevent you from being a flurona patient

there is only this solution
get vaxxxed
wear a mask
be safe 

we my wife she and i should get through this unscathed
we want our loved ones to get through unscathed also

the organicgreen doctor

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