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Thursday, January 6, 2022

infamy day


this article that has the picture in it on npr has videos of that day
its a date that will always live in infamy

roosevelt said those words about december 11 1941 when the japanese bombed pearl harbor
talk to folks who heard him on the radio
its burned into their psyche

the only thing prior to a year ago that i experienced like that was the 9-11 attacks 
i will always remember where i was and what i did that day

last year january 6, 2021 will be the same
i have two of these events now burned into my brain now

i remember the chills when i saw the videos on tv
seeing those folks attacking the capital

that hasnt happened since the 1800s when the british burned washington

where are the troops where are the police
why arent they taking out some of those attackers

the rioters or insurrectionists or traitors kept on coming in waves

where are the troops i asked myself
cant they just drop out of the sky

inside the buildings if the capital police hadnt fought so hard to defend the congress and the vice president
vice president pence
speaker of the house nancy pelossi
president pro tempore charles grassley
all three of them would have been hanged or murdered
these were the three in line for the presidency 

let that soak in
this is what could have happened

what happened was bad enough
this would have been worse

my guess would be even more congress persons would have been slaughtered that day 

keep that in mind when you hear the stories of what happened 1 year ago as you watch tv or read things on the internet

it could have been even worse than what it was

i watched the video of the one rioter or insurrectionist who broke through the door as several congress persons were just a few feet away
i wonder what would have happened to them had not that protector not shot her as she broke through the door
the congress persons probably would have gotten slaughtered or beaten to death or hung

here is what i want to know as a lay person who doesnt want this to happen again

where were the national guard or army troops
what took them so long to get there
these questions need to be answered with no excuses accepted

why werent the rioters as the started breaking into the capital and tried to break through the house chambers why werent they all shot

if i had a shotgun and this was my house i would have shot them as they entered my house

like the 9-11 commission did i want answers from the january 6 commission 
why and what happened
what do we do to keep this from happening again

who planned this to happen
if they are known or when they are known they need to be locked away forever no matter who they are

what involvement did the former president have in all of this 
if none then he should still be permanently chastised for not doing anything for all those hours
even his family and friends were after him to do something

if he was involved he needs to be imprisoned forever

we all need to know the truth of what happened and need to make sure it doesnt happen again

we arent stupid or blind we saw for ourselves what happened
we want answers

anything less is unacceptable

the organicgreen doctor

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