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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, January 10, 2022

covid 19-it seems to be everywhere


i try to read a lot of articles on covid each day so i stay informed about whats going on with this infection
i am asked frequently for advice on what folks should be doing 
i want to give good accurate information based on science and facts
yes i have read the articles and listened to the podcasts about the fringe things about covid
i wanted to make my own decision based on what i read and decide for myself what was true
not what someone told me or facebooked me or texted me or some prominent podcaster said to be true

my impression is that some of those folks are responsible for a lot of people to not only suffer from long term disability from covid but also the cause of many to die from covid

i can sleep good at night knowing that i gave folks accurate advice based on the facts at the time
many i hope cant sleep at night knowing they are responsible for the damage caused from their misinformation

if you haven gotten exposed to omicron yet
you will
if you havent gotten omicron yet
you probably will

if you are vaxxxed and wear masks and are safe you are unlikely to have symptoms or if you do they will be mild
if you are vaxxxed and wear masks and are safe but have underlying comorbidities like obesity diabetes asthma cancer survivor etc you may get a little sicker but you are not likely to get hospitalized or to die from omicron
if you are not vaxxed at all you will be the ones that will be mostly getting sick and getting sicker and being hospitalized and dying from omicron

yes folks are getting hospitalized at large numbers each day
yes folks are dying from omicron at a large number each day
granted the rate per numbers infected is lower
the numbers of infected is so sky high that it makes the numbers of hospitalizations and death remain high

kids are getting hit harder 
some think its because the omicron hits the upper airways harder and these areas tend to be narrow in kids
most kids who are hospitalized are unvaxxed

there is hope that the omicron will do like it did in south africa and the uk
it reached a huge spike of cases then those numbers just dropped when they peaked

most experts think that the peak will come in about 3 weeks here then drop fast after that
i sure hope so
all those infected people plus all those getting vaxxed will provide less folks for the virus to infect
we might just see a leveling off of cases after that

what will be left are those unvaxxed folks who didnt get infected for some reason and those who are vaxxed but are immunocompromised
that pool of potential covid victims will be much lower
the under 5 year old vaxxines should be here soon so that unvaxxed pool will get smaller

the medical facilities everywhere are getting overwhelmed
clinics hospitals urgent cares emergency rooms
a local medical facility here is getting over 50% positive rate on covid tests

we need to do our part to help out as much as possible
if you get sick you probably have covid
if you dont have covid and dont get tested then even if its another viral infection you should do the same thing
rest wear a mask stay away from school and work
you dont need a covid test to tell you that

those covid tests should be saved for those who really need them

i have a few here at our condo
im unlikely to use them unless i need them to make sure im not infected when i get around mr hudson

if i had traveled somewhere high risk
if i had a headache or sore throat or cold and i was going to be around him i would test

if i was sick and wasnt going to be around him i would not use up a test 
i would presume it was covid and do those safe things to do to protect others
stay home wear a mask 

i have given some of my tests to others who couldnt get them but needed a test for a good reason
like visiting a high risk person 

we shouldnt overwhelm our medical system with unnecessary visits

someone we know who was triple vaxxxed but was high risk got covid
they were ill for several days
they monitored their symptoms closely 
they used a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation
these are easily found online and at pharmacies
they wore a mask an n95 equivalent mask
they recovered 
they caught it from relatives

some symptoms i read about this morning that should make you want to seek medical care were dehydration confusion listlessness poor feeding in infants and kids trouble breathing chest pain etc and if you have a pulse oximeter a drop off in your oximeter oxygen reading
warning these symptoms and other symptoms can progress fast sometimes

dont seek care too early and dont seek care too late

i went to the emergency room when this all started almost two years ago when my day started with no symptoms then progressed fast over a few hours to fever chills headache nausea gi symptoms shortness of breath chest pain

i just looked at the covid map of the us
dark maroon is the worst areas
the united states is mostly dark maroon

the number of cases per day are around 677,000 and are a pandemic record
the number of deaths per day is around 1500+ which is not as high as last winter but still is high
the number of hospitalizations per day is around 130,000+which also is not as high as last year

remember we probably have at least 3 weeks more of this peak
those numbers will get higher

if you have been infected you may or may not have good protection against omicron
the immunity may be variable 
antibody levels may not tell the full story on how immune you are especially with omicron
if you were infected early on in the pandemic you may not have good immunity
getting vaxxxed offers better protection against reinfection

so what do you need to do
be triple vaxxxed
wear a mask
be safe in what you do to reduce exposure to the omicron
dont test if you dont need to
dont seek medical care if you have mild symptoms
do seek medical care if you are sicker or if you are at higher risk
if you are unvaxxed you are in the group that are being hospitalized and are dying

we all really need to hunker down and be safe these next 3 weeks to help slow down this outbreak

the organicgreen doctor

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