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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

covid 19-the whole country just got darker


the old maps of covid 19 would show some states that were maroon sort of a light maroon color
now with imicron that color has darkened to where to me it looks like black

the wild covid 19 version never got that dark
the delta was darker than the wild or original covid 19
the imicron or like i said a few weeks ago as i called it the oh my cron variant
i was right calling it that
its dark
not the permanent color of our future in the covid world

john hopkins csse and yahoo finance

the cases in the us right now is skyrocketing
in most places it will continue to rise over the next few weeks
ie that black will just get blacker on that map

it is said by infectious disease doctors that all who are unvaxxed will get covid this time unless they are super protected from exposure

if you are triple vaxxxed and have no comorbidity and you catch omicron then you will probably have mild symptoms
as you add comorbidities or risks like age obesity immunosuppressed folks heart disease lung diseases kidney disease etc and if you are triple vaxxxed then your symptoms and how sick you are will get worse 
you are unlikely to die but you may end up hospitalized

if you are double vaxxed your risk of getting a breakthrough infection is increased
you will get sicker than a triple vaxxxed person

if you are single vaxxed you are sort of protected from severe infection maybe

if you are unvaxxed you are in the group that will mostly be hospitalized and die 

i guess it your choice

its our jobs as human beings to protect those in our family and friends that are vulnerable to keep them safe 
as the pope said
getting vaccinated is a moral obligation

i agree

right now the unvaxxed folks are made up of
folks who cant get vaxxed for health reasons
folks who just wont get vaxxed for some reason
kids under 5 who cant get vaxxed yet
hopefully that will happen soon in those under 5 

these folks are the ones that the imicron really wants to infect
next are the vulnerable vaxxed folks

these are the ones above that are providing folks for the virus to infect
a highly highly highly highly contagious virus

it is starting to overwhelm the medical system
remember what these medical facilities are seeing now is only going to get worse
a lot lot lot worse over the next few weeks

grocery stores gas stations pharmacies planes trains are all affected
the whole supply chain is adversely affected

thank goodness in some states like new york where imicron showed up first
the numbers are starting to drop
that will happen elsewhere soon i hope
soon cant get here fast enough

hopefully too many things dont collapse before the next few weeks are up

looking at some foreign countries where the imicron has already peaked
here if we are lucky we will follow the same as these countries

most if not all those unvaxxed will catch imicron
some will get permanently disabled and some will die
the rest will develop some long term immunity to covid
how good it will be probably will wane over the next year

those vaxxed who caught the imicron will also have some immunity to omicron
some of those vaxxed folks with comorbidities may be disabled a few but not many will die

what will be left when this omicron war is over will be
a few folks left with no immunity 
most folks will have some immunity for now

remember the immunity to covid and omicron will fade over time and will need to be replaced

unless of course another variant decides to pop up and sweep the world

i wish to thank those unvaxxed folks who could have gotten vaxxed but refused to do it
putting us where we are today

wherever you live
this omicron will worsen
thats right no matter where you live things are going to get worse a lot worse
if we are all lucky at the end of this surge 
its possible 
things may be a lot lot lot better

i sure hope so
im tired of this 
i know you are too

here is what my wife she and i are doing
avoiding groups of folks
wearing a n95 or equivalent mask
we are not going to travel or attend concerts or sporting events or theaters or indoor events
we both have one comorbidity that is our age
we are both triple vaxxxed

90% of what we usually do 
we still do it
luckily we live in a mild climate and there are easily accessible outside activities 
we have state and local governments that help protect us also
we also are retired and dont have to go into work somewhere

our goal is protect any vulnerable person in our network
mr hudson who hopefully can get vaxxxxed soon

the organicgreen doctor

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