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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, January 31, 2022

covid 19-lets not forget the long haul covid patients


in march 2020 almost 2 years ago when i got sick with what i and some of my doctors thought was  covid but we couldnt prove it with the covid test at that time
the test at that time had a big variability in its accuracy
now its close to 100% accurate if its positive

i had 10 days of fever and chills that came in waves 
also there was waves of nausea diarrhea and cramping fatigue headache chest pain headache nasal congestion cough shortness of breath on exertion irregular heart rate and blood pressure that was too high or too low
some of these symptoms resolved some quickly some slowly
i pent about 6 months with no appetite irregular heart rate fatigue 
when i walked or worked in the garden i had to stop and rest frequently 
i lost over 50 lbs 
my low point was 5 months after i was ill

my wife she later told me i looked like i was dying from cancer

today i have some appetitive issues but the other symptoms have mostly resolved
i had a good cardiac workup that was ok except for the irregular heart rate that is now considered benign
its not atrial fibrillation
my energy level is back to normal maybe even better than before i was sick

all this above is some of the symptoms folks can have with covid
long haul covid

now i wont be able to prove what i had was covid
now a days you can accurately diagnose covid early on in the infection

there are several factors that show how you can get it found in a recent study linked here

autoantibodies that develop where the body attacks various organs in the body 
lupus is a disease where this happens 
the long haul covid folks may be activating low level autoantibodies that folks have before they got sick
these attack the various parts of the body

ebv or epstein barr virus or as most of us know it as mononucleosis
the ebv virus can go dormant in the body 
the covid seems to reactivate it maybe by development of autoantibodies
if you ever had a good case of mono that lasted for weeks or months
then thats what long haul covid can be like

a high viral load of covid especially after recovery makes a patient more likely to get long hauler covid

i read a repot of a child a female who kept having abdomen issues after her covid infection
when they did a scope of her stomach and upper small intestine the biopsy showed covid virus particles in the biopsy 
it was felt the covid was causing her symptoms

type 2 diabetes makes long haul covid to more likely occur in a covid patient
these patients are commonly obese and usually dont need insulin

another article listed asthma as a factor

there are folks who are permanently damaged by the covid infection such that they become pulmonary cripples or cardiac cripples or have kidney failure or have post stoke symptoms 

its been found that the some of the biomarkers we use in the alzheimers world become even more elevated than those seen in alzheimers disease
thus the brain fog and cognitive impairment and other neurological deficits some permanent are seen in folks who have had covid

almost all of those who get long haul covid are unvaxxed
just like most of the hospitalizations and deaths from covid are the unvaxxed

what a severe cost to humanity these infections are causing
mostly involving the unvaxxed

sadly we will all suffer from all of this

the numbers of cases do seem to be plateauing now
the hospitalizations are not yet
the deaths are continuing to climb at over 2200 a day
we should reach 1,000,000 deaths before this omicron peak is over with this spring

there is a subvariant of omicron that seems to be slowly overtaking omicron
its 1 and a half more transmittable than omicron
luckily it doesnt seem to be causing worse illness than omicron

a fourth booster will probably be recommended at least by this fall if not sooner
that will be based on how folks immunity is holding up to the omicron
also a omicron booster is in the works in case its needed
it seems the covid virus is here to stay like the flu 
a yearly covid vaxxine is probably gong to be recommended

i read where at least two patients one awaiting a kidney transplant and another awaiting a heart transplant has decided not to get the vaccine
one said he would die first
he is right he will die first
the criteria for organ transplant is strict
remember there are folks in a long long line waiting for that organ

if a transplant patient gets covid especially soon after transplant they probably wont make it since thats when they are the most vulnerable to infection
what a waste of a live saving transplant that would be

i agree with medicine making that requirement

we wear a mask a n95 mask or equivalent
we are triple vaxxed
we avoid those unvaxxed if we know about it
we are doing almost all of what we were doing before this started
we do look forward to going to a concert a sporting event a theater or travel
we do look forward to mr hudson gettting his four vaxxines
that may be for another month or two

remember vaxxxed moms transmit antibodies to the covid to their newborns to protect them

be sure and protect those vulnerable folks in your circle
they are at our mercy

remember the hospitalizations and deaths and long haul covid and these mutations are mostly caused from folks not getting vaxxed

the organicgreen doctor

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