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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, July 12, 2021

covid 19-here comes the delta surge


this latest surge that is starting to happen now with the covid 19 and that will worsen over the next few months now has a name
the delta surge

the delta variant came out of india and will soon be the dominant one in the us and then soon will be mostly the only one in the us
the delta will continue to mutate so its more contagious than it already is
thats why infectious disease doctors and doctors and nurses on the frontlines are worried about this delta surge

its here now in increasing numbers in many low vaccinated areas

here is a map link from the nytimes
click on it and hoover over the county where you live
look at the total vaccination rate 
if its low then its coming to your county this delta surge
how bad will be determined by mask wearing and how many folks can get vaccinated
if they dont
folks mostly younger ones will get infected and some will die and get permanently disabled

all preventable if they get vaccinated

i looked at this link at all the states and counties that i have lived in since i was born

in ark
co 1  34%
co 2  30%  this county is where i was born  and worked in the er there later in my life
i wouldnt want to be working there now with this surge coming
co 3  29% is where i lived in the last 6 years of school
they will not fair well with this surge
co 4  40% is where i went to medical school
co 5  36% is where my wife she went to graduate school
co 6  19% is where a relative lives 
this county will be hit hard also
co 7  9% i definitely would not want to live there

in texas
co 1  26% this is the county where i lived when i first moved to texas
sadly this county will probably be hit hard by the delta variant soon
luckily they have good medical facilities 
hopefully they wont get overwhelmed
i expect to see former patients obituaries from this county with this surge
co 2  49% this is the county where i practiced when i lived in the austin area
it use to be a real red county and now its a purple county
co 3  52% this is the austin county
co 4  37% this is a real conservative red county
when we lived there it was real rare to see a democrat on the ballot for state or local offices
but it has a lot of retirement folks that live there
these old folks they know how important it is to be vaccinated
this is the county where our country n is located

in california
co 1  38% this is the county where i lived years ago when i first moved to california and where i went to community college and where i met my wife she
co 2  40% this is where my wife she and i went to college
co 3  52% this is where we live now

in arkansas 34.9% are fully vaccinated
in texas 42.2 % are fully vaccinated
in california 51.1% are fully vaccinated
in the usa 47.8 % are fully vaccinated

i saw on the news that in a missouri hospital 91% of the icu patients are now on ventilators
thats a real high %
many of them are in their 20s 30s 40s
many were previously in good health 
some will die
some if not all will have some permanent disability 
almost 100% of these cases at the missouri hospital and elsewhere are preventable
by getting vaccinated

there are two groups that are ignoring all the naysaying crazy stuff about the covid 19 vaccines
both are probably equally democrat and equally republican 
rich and poor
male and female
many different races
many different religions

old people 
they have a real high vaccination rate
nationally the over 65 years old total vaccination rate is 71.9%
they know they arent ready to die yet

they have a vaccination rate of 96%
wonder what they know

these are the states where the delta variant is taking off now
nevada they are probably paying the price of opening up the casinos completely too soon 

remember if your county is only 25% that means that 3 out of 4 people you encounter are not vaccinated
this delta variant is much more contagious that the original one
it will only continue to get more contagious as it spreads

we here in our county have a high total vaccination rate
our cases are low
we probably will be spared the delta surge 
i hope
we have to not let our guard down

look at your county 
if your rate is low like in some of the counties that i have lived in
be ready 
your county will probably be deltalized by the variant
folks will die 
folks will be permanently damaged

all they would have to do is get vaccinated

history is going to look back at this as a dark time in our lives

the organicgreen doctor


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