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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

whats a moon waddle


when i first saw this article on the moons waddle
i instantly thought about that loose skin thats on a turkeys neck
i wondered how if something like that got on the moon what would it do to the moons journey around the earth
i guess it would be like the spitball in baseball where the pitcher puts a foreign substance on the side of the ball
when its thrown it waddles and can do some funky things on the way to the catchers mitt

that picture above of the moon with its wattle was what i was thinking 
i realized that it wasnt a wattle of the moon but a waddle of the moon

i read this article on the moons wobble
i understand

what does a moon waddle look like
definitely not like in the picture above

no sorry its not a waddle its a wobble

this wobble occurs every 18.6 years
this next wobble not waddle not wattle will be in the 2030s
this change in the gravitational pull of the moon combined with rising sea levels will increase the flooding on our coastal cities
look out miami
if you thought flooding was bad now just wait until the next decade

im not sure what effect it will have on the beaches here in santa barbara
my guess with the high tides you would see some flooding on the streets near the beach
there is this slow incline of the terrain to the mountains so my guess is the rise wont be as bad since the terrain is higher 
i havent seen that in writing it just seems to me the way it will happen here

now i have seen the flood maps of what it will look like in the future when sea levels rise
i presume this rise will be accentuated by the moon wobble effects on the high tides

i guess it will be a boon for tide pool exploring during low tide
im not sure what effect it has on surfing
i presume the waves would be higher during the high tide
but im not a surfing expert

some cities in the next decade probably like miami and other beach cities prone to flooding will see flooding every couple days for several weeks

next decade you might want to skip your beach vacation to some of these flood prone areas

the organicgreen doctor

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