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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, July 26, 2021

covid 19-here comes the fourth surge


i am afraid this is the start of the fourth surge
it is being called the
delta surge
the surge of the unvaccinated

99.5% of the deaths are in the unvaccinated folks

0.098% of vaccinated folks catch the covid virus
catching covid after getting vaccinated is a rare event
they have usually minimal symptoms if they do catch it
those who are vaccinated who die usually are immunocompromised 
they have connective tissue diseases like lupus ulcerative colits crohns disease rheumatoid arthirits psoriatic arthritis etc cancer patients transplant patients morbid obesity diabetes to name a few diseases

most vaccinated patients who die are older patients
death from covid after getting a vaccine is an extremely rare event

below is a picture of a graph from the ny times of the surges of covid so far
the interactive link to a good source of information is under that graph

ny times covid in the us article

the first bump or surge is when it frist started in the us
the second bump occurred in the late spring of last year
the third and longest and worst bump started this time last year 
it killed thousands of americans and maimed thousands more permanently
it went down down to the lowest levels since the pandemic stated over a year ago
here you can see the start of the delta surge

stop a second
look at those three surges
think or should i say wish or hope
that the delta surge will be like the first one

im sorry to dash your hopes
this delta surge im afraid will not be like the first two surges or bumps
be more like that 
long long drawn out third surge that killed so many

dont worry if you have been vaccinated you are mostly protected

you need to worry though if you are not vaccinated

its sad that a lot of innocent people are caught it the middle
they are older folks over 65
they are immunocompromised like those mentioned above
they are folks who cant tolerate immunizations

in our circle there are three people who come to mind
mr hudson who had a transplant 
relatives who have a connective tissue disease and are over 65
a relative who cannot tolerate immunizations
they didnt or cant get full protection

our goal should be to protect these innocent folks

get an immunization
wear a mask especially around them to protect them
avoid high risk covid situations

if you refuse to get a covid vaccine i have no sympathy for you if you get ill from covid
you had your chance

here in our zip code we are 66% fully vaccinated which gets us close to the magic herd immunity number
i am afraid that in the us we will never reach that number

this fall as school starts colleges start sports start back up and labor day happens and the weather gets colder im afraid things will get bad real bad again
each person that dies from covid died unnecessarily

ive done my part
half of you have too
other half of you have not

i know that when this is all over with if it ever does that i can look myself in the mirror
know i did what i could to slow down this disease

sadly some of you wont be able to do that

wear a mask
get your vaccination for covid

if someone was going to write a scientific horror book and make it into a movie about a virus that spreads over the world and killed thousands and thousands of americans and millions in the world
the scientific world would come to our rescue and quickly develop a vaccine that 99.5% protected us from dying from the viral infection
only half of americans agreed to take it this allowing the virus to kill and maim for years to come
killing thousands and thousands more of americans
all this happening while the world was begging for the vaccines

even stephen king with his warped horror mind could not make up a story like this 

but its a true to life story
maybe someone could do a true documentary instead of a book

isnt it
that its ending this way

the organicgreen doctor

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