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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Thursday, July 8, 2021

my story revisited #93-things havent changed much


since i gave my first talk at the alzhiemers symposium 8 years ago things havent changed much in the workup of alzheimers disease and the treatment of alzheimers disease

we of course today would now add the possible use of aduhelm infusions in the early diagnosis of alzheimers disease
it was during the time i gave this talk that i began to follow the aduhelm research
i really wasnt sure if this one would be the one that made it to the finish line first
it was 
im now there at the starting line now getting monthly infusions at ucla of the aduhelm in the continuation of the biogen aduhelm study 

the slides below are the ones i used in my presentation called 
my story with possible alzheimers disease

i now can say 
my story with alzheimers disease since my amyvid pet scan is positive and my spinal fluid is positive or should i say compatible with the diagnosis of alzheimers disease

the changes i would make on my slides would be the workup on the lab test
today if i was in practice i would just do a cbc a metabolic profile chemistry thyroid level b12 level and wouldn't do other testing unless the history showed something else

after doing the doctor visit and labs and memory testing and mri i would add a amyvid pet scan to make the alzheimers diagnosis if it was not obvious from the other testing
all these tests should give you your diagnosis

when i wrote this blog before the amyvid pet scan wasnt easily accessed in private practice
now it is but insurance does not cover it

sadly except for possible use of aduhelm infusions there is no change in the treatment 

the recommended lifestyle changes are the same

hopefully the aduhelm will show it is working when i look back at this blog today in eight years

the video ut southwestern did on my story had just came out

i had gotten back my apoe 4 status of being apoe 4 apoe 4
my spinal fluid results of my amyloid and tau protein in my spinal fluid was compatible with alzheimers disease

about 3-4 years later i got my results of my amyvid pet scan as being positive for amyloid as i entered the bigon aducanumab study

the 3 studies in that slide below i discussed in last weeks blog
only the a4 study results are still pending the other two didnt work

later in the blog below some of the links are closed down but the sage test is still a good online lest to administer to someone at home to see if they might have memory loss
just google sage test and youll get the link

the 21 question questionnaire linked below is a good one to do on a loved one without them knowing about it
it gives you an idea if your loved ones is having memory issues and needs evaluation
do it and score it
copy and take it with the loved one to the office visit for memory loss

if your loved one scores badly they probably have memory issues and need an evaluation

so when i look back i realize things havent changed much in the alzheimers world but yet it has and is changing 

as i said before we may now be at the inflection point for alzheimers disease
welcome to my blog for those of you who were at the
alzheimers symposium today at temple texas

below you will find

-the video that was shown on my story

-all my slides from the presentation

-a list of self administered tests that you can can do on yourself
or on a loved one or relative
these are screening tests for memory loss
remember the gold standard test is the neuropsychological exam

-next there is a  link to an article about whether or
not to start medicine in alzheimers patients

if you have a question feel free to go to the comment section below and
post the question
i will then answer the question for you and others to read

thank you
the organicgreen doctor

here is a link to 5 self administered tests for memory loss

the sage test is one of the better ones

here is a link to the 21 question alzheimers questionnaire test

here is the link to the article on whether you or a family member should take
medication if diagnosed with alzheimers
do alzheimers medications work, who should take them
i think 2021 will be the year when alzheimers disease treatment and care and research changed 

the organicgreen doctor

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