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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

dear mr hudson have a happy anniversary today


this is mr hudson one year after his successful kidney transplant
he is a bundle of  joy and energy that a typical 3 year old has

one year ago he was not that bundle of joy 
he wasnt walking or talking much 
he wasnt eating much getting most of his nutrition from a feeding tube called a gtube
he was in renal failure and just looked like he didnt feel good most of the time
he didnt smile much

fast forward a year
he walks he runs he talks like crazy
he eats like a typical hungry 3 year old
he rides his little scooter
he jumps on the trampoline
he loves to play in the swimming pool
he loves trucks and digging in the dirt
he loves being in the garden 
he loves the beach
he goes up on the big kids slides and play ground equipment
he is so full of life
his big problem is he has no fear it seems

what a difference a year makes
today he has his one year anniversary party
next  month he has his 3 year old birthday party

we are so appreciative
mainly to his live kidney donor
his true angel
to his kidney doctor and her team 
to his transplant doctor superwoman dr kim

if you had asked me over a year ago would we be at this point 
i would say i dont think we would have progressed this far

here is mr hudsons story in a recap
he was born with an obstruction in his kidney drainage system called a posterior urethral valve that was easily opened up after he was delivered
this obstruction permanently damaged both his kidneys so they worked only about 20-30% 
when he was born he was in severe renal failure and heart failure
he lost over 2 lbs of fluid after he was born by diuresing fluid off his heart lungs and kidney with lasix and other medications
not long after his birth he had the pediatric urologist open up the obstruction and urine flowed freely through the drain system
like if you removed a dam on a river
the obstruction has not been an issue and wont be an issue ever probably 

he spent over 2 months in the nicu at cedar sinai in los angeles and in our local hospital here 

he was given breast milk and supplemented with a special kidney formula 
some was given orally and some given via the feeding tube
it was interesting that moms breasts milk was the best for him to take
eventually as he aged more he drank less breast milk and later used just the special formulas
his sodium and potassium and kidney function tests had to monitored closely 
his food he ate had to be watched for the amount of sodium and potassium and protein in them

the goal was to do a kidney transplant when he reached 22 pounds
as it turned out that was when he reached about 20 months or so
he was placed on the kidney transplant list for a deceased donor
word was sent out via social media and print and visual media that he was needing a live donor
several people stepped up to be a donor
the best matched donor turned out to be the wife of a distant cousin who lived on the east coast
this donor was a better match than mom or other relatives

the original date was in april of last year but the pandemic got in the way 
it was canceled
a year ago his kidneys had failed to the point it was either get a transplant or go on dialysis
it was scheduled one year ago
he had grown a lot in 3 months and had gotten large enough to accept the donors adult kidney and plus would be able to have it placed in the lower abdomen where it was  more protected
if it had been done earlier the kidney would have been placed in the mid abdomen and would be susceptible to trauma scar tissue and be difficult to access if a biopsy was ever needed

one problem was getting the donor here via airplane covid free
a local person donated the access to a private jet plane to fly her to los angeles
she arrived covid free

one year today 
she had her kidney removed
mr hudson had one of his removed 
the other kidney was left in place since it was still working about 20-30%
his new adult kidney was placed in his right lower abdomen under a layer of protective cover called the retroperitoneal area

the donor pf did well and recovered eventually here in santa barbara

i remember the day you left mr hudson to go down to cedars sinai
i helped buckle you in your car seat
i gave you a kiss on your forehead
i filled up with tears as you drove off looking out at us from your back seat location

i had been there for almost every office visit and every hospital stay until the pandemic hit
the pandemic limited visitors to only parents

we had to all wait at home for word on how you were doing
we werent there physically but we were there with you all the way

your one week hospital stay turned into a 3 week hospital stay 
you ended up with spiking fever for days 
you ended up with a blood clot and had to take days of iv heparin to dissolve the clot
you had your pic iv line removed eventually since thats where your clot was

eventually you got to go to a local rented home for a month then eventually to your home
we got to see you at your temporary home

you still have to use your gtube to keep that adult kidney hydrated at night while you sleep
when you get older and can drink enough fluid then you can have the gtube removed

one low point this last year was when you got a viral infection in that kidney that could damage it
you got ivig or intravenous immunoglobulins in the hospital which was full of antibodies some against that kidney virus
they also lowered you antirejection meds and changed them to allow your natural immune system to kick in to also help kill the kidney virus
it worked
now your kidney is virus free and you will soon be placed back on your usual dose of rejection meds

over this last year you blossomed to this normal appearing happy almost 3 year old that is a joy to be around

your sister ms b had to do pandemic virtual kindergarten for a year
she like you was mostly confined to your house 
you two become best friends
you two become almost twins that are 3 years apart
ms b is your protector
she is your mother hen
you two have a bond that was made this year that will never ever go away
like with twins

mr hudson your kidney donor is your kidney angel
you two are bonded together forever

she gave you a chance at life
a chance given that few can ever experience
how it must feel knowing you gave someone like you mr hudson a chance at life

she will always be your hero and our hero
a special person forever

mr hudson before your transplant you got to fly in a big ole airplane to be at the white house for the signing of a declaration to improve kidney care and research 
i think you were the star of the event
your mom spoke so eloquently at the event also on your behalf
here is your picture and an article on the event

mr hudson a special thanks also needs to be given to those who donated to your kidney fund through the  childrens organ transplant association 
these funds will be there forever until they are all depleted to be used for expenses not covered by your health insurance
thanks to those of you who donated

here is your a kidney for hudsons facebook link with more info and pictures about your story 

mr hudson 
this is a special day that we will celebrate each year a month before your birthday 

happy anniversary today
we are glad to have you return to being a normal kid 

we love you a lot

the organicgreen doctor

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