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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
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Thursday, July 29, 2021

garden news-best tomatoes that kids like to eat


mr hudson will turn three next weekend
gradually over the last 3 years i have exposed him to the garden so he feels comfortable being in our larger community garden

being six ms b has been well exposed now for 6 years

mr n since he is just almost one just looks at all the plants and birds in the garden
he loves the tomatoes also

when mr hudson comes to the garden one of his jobs he does 
well he doesnt look it like a job
is to water the kids garden
he fills up the birdbath with water
he fills up the blue container with water
dips in his watering can to fill up the can 
then he waters the plants in the kids garden
one pot has a beautiful unnamed flower he planted that he likes to water
i tell him its his flower
i must say he does his job well

in the picture at the top above he is helping me pick sun gold tomatoes from my sun gold tomato plant in my garden plot

he is picking them by the handfuls off of the plant
occasionally he pops one in his mouth

now in this picture above is some he picked last week
most we picked early 
since our cooler weather and foggy mornings has kept them from ripening completely on the vine
we pick them and place them in a plate on our dining room table which gets bright morning light
this causes them to ripen to their known for golden color

if you get one ripened just right its like eating candy 
why kids love their taste and will eat them right off the vine
grandparents do the same

in my experience with two grandkids and soon the third one who is now almost a year old mr n
and my experience growing tomatoes with elementary kids
i have found these tomatoes below to be easy to grow and are ones the kids love to eat

sun gold being number one of course
its candy sweet
the crack of all the tomatoes

sweet 100s is a red cherry type sweet tomato
i would rank it number two

juliette a red grape shaped one 

yellow pear is a yellow sweet small pear shaped one that grows and grows all summer long
it is not as sweet as the sun gold

brown heirloom cherry tomato tastes good if growing conditions are right

if you are looking for a good tomato to grow in your garden for your kids or grandkids to snack right off the vine
choose one of these
i ranked them by my preference
should i say their preference

the organicgreen doctor

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