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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, July 19, 2021

covid 19-this delta surge will infect these groups


according to one infectious disease expert if we dont change what we are doing this delta surge will be followed by another surge then later by another surge then later another surge
dr fauci said if there had been vaccine hesitancy like we are seeing now that polio would still be with us in the us

the pandemic has now become 
the pandemic of the unvaccinated 

thats about 50% of those in the us
its worse in most other countries
its worse in many states that are seeing the worst of the surge
arkansas missouri louisiana florida
one out of every 5 cases in the us is in florida

the viral load seen in the delta surge infections is 1250 times what it was in the 2020 surges
thats why this delta virus is so contagious

who are susceptible

definitely 100% of you who arent vaccinated

some of us who are vaccinated still may get covid 19 although if we get it the infection is much milder

some of those vaccinated are more likely to get infected because they are immunosuppressed
folks with connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid arthritis ulcerative colitis psoriatic arthritis lupus etc and who are on immunosuppressive drugs folks on steroids long term folks with overall poor health cancer patients transplant patients etc
some folks who are elderly may have suppressed immune systems
these folks may not be as fully protected as more heathy patients
i am 71 years old and in good health but im 71 years old and my immune system isnt working as well as it was when i was 40

so if you are in these categories you should be careful
you including myself still could catch covid 

even if you are vaccinated and you catch covid and like most vaccinated folks you may have mild symptoms you can still spread that to vulnerable folks listed above

this delta virus which is highly contagious is hitting the younger population harder
they are seeing sicker younger patients with this delta surge as compared to the other surges

the opening of school will cause a rise in cases
the numbers of unvaccinated in the south combined with the hot weather causing folks to stay in doors more is contributing to the rise there
the loosening or elimination of sensible measures in most areas is making things worse

listen to what your medical people are saying in your area
they know
they are seeing it day by day 
they are living it
when you see them interviewed you can see it in their eyes in their faces in their voices
they are scared they are overwhelmed they are saddened 

remember if you get vaccinated
you are likely to
not get sick
not get hospitalized
not get in the icu
not get put on the ventilator if you do get sick
not to die from covid

99.5% of covid deaths are in unvaccinated patients

statistics dont lie
they tell the truth

experts say if things dont change this virus and its surges will be with us for a long long time
if so if you are unvaccinated they said you will eventually be infected with this virus

the next variant that takes over from the delta variant will be more aggressive than this one
it called the survival of the fittest when it comes to which variant takes over
science doesnt lie

so what am i doing
i know i can still catch it and transmit it to others
though if i get it i might not get real sick
i probably will not get hospitalized or put in the icu or on the ventilator or to die from covid 

i wear a mask when i am around others
eg in the grocery store large box store gas station pharmacy etc
i dont wear a mask when i am in my garden or going for a walk or going to the beach
i dont wear a  mask around family members since they are all vaccinated
if someone is sick i wear a mask
eg if a grandchild has a viral uri like rsv or parainfluenza or bronchiolitis or vomiting or diarrhea then i will mask up 
if i were to travel which i am not going to do right now i would wear a mask 

i wash my hands frequently during the day and after going into a store or after visiting someone

remember elderly folks can get sick with the upper respiratory viral infections kids get that arent covid

if i go to a restaurant i would wear a mask but take it off while eating
i would not eat inside but would ask for outdoor seating

here where we live our fully vaccination rate is closer to 60% and our positivity rate is low
the chances of getting it here is low 
if i was somewhere else like missouri or louisiana or arkansas or florida i would be even more careful

im afraid this surge will be a long drawn out one
it will last through the summer into the fall and may be into the winter

if you let your guard down
this is what will happen
the delta surge
the next one will be called epsilon
then zeta
then eta
ad finitim

another thing that needs to happen is like this below

the university of california system will require all students all employees all teachers to be fully vaccinated to come on campus
that is over 500,000 folks that wont get covid or spread it
the waivers for not getting vaccinated are limited and restricted

now add mask wearing to this 

there should be few cases in the university of california system 

the local community college is making it volunteer
thats a cop out
the local community college will see a surge this year in cases
remember the youngest are getting hit the hardest
the faulty is asking to do only online classes

when the vaccines get full fda approval in the next few months then we will see more of these restrictions
you will also see more of them since businesses and schools will face liability problems from law suits when this happens

we in our society need to 
accpt mandatory covid vaccination like we do with polio tetanus pertussis pneumococcus meninigococcus meningitis heptatis b hepatits c mumps measles rubella in order to work in health care or attend school 
if we dont then we need to accept continued death and disability in our citizens from covid 19

we are at at a real inflection point right now

the organicgreen doctor

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