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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

covid 19-who would have thunk it


5-10 years ago if i told you that a virus that probably came from bats in china would spread across the world devastating the worlds economies and killing just in the united states over 600,000 people 

what if i told you many of these deaths could have been prevented

what if i told you a vaccine was developed that in less than a year would protect 99.2% of those who got it from dying from the virus

what if i told you that just wearing a mask could prevent transmitting the virus based on which one you wore by 99%
ie the n95 or equivalent mask

you would say 
then we all could wear masks and get our vaccine then only a miniscule number of folks would die from covid

yeah we will be saved from this viral attack

thats not what happened

last month 10,000 americans died from covid 19
99.8% were unvaccinated ie 9,980 who died were unvaccinated
0.2% were vaccinated ie 20 of the 10,000 who died from covid were vaccinated

most of those 20 who died even though they were vaccinated were immunocompromised for some reason eg on immunosuppressive drugs or old folks with reduced immune systems etc

9,980 should not have died

what if i told you 5-10 years ago 
would you have believed me that this could happen
all this death and long term health damage could have been prevented
we as a country 
yes i say we
since we are all in this together
it affects us all 
we are at fault

you would say 
no way 
we are better than that 

it seems we arent and werent better than this

it all has been politicized

you can look at a map of vaccination rates across the different states
make the higher vaccinated states blue 
well they match with the politics of the state
make the lower vaccinated states red
well again they match with the politics of the state
make the vaccine rates in between purple
well again they match with the politics of the state 

its definitely turned political

what a sad thing to have happen

now i have heard from friends and relatives and former patients who are in the red category politically 
they have been wearing their masks and they got vaccinated
they didnt follow the politics they instead followed the science

it feels so good to be vaccinated and know that i dont have to wear a mask if i dont want to and that i dont have that fear of being infected hovering over my head anymore

of course even in our blue state california the fully vaccinated rate is only 50%
some states are only in the low to mid 30s
of course those low to mid 30% sates are the ones that are now having an uptick in cases
missouri has the same number of new cases as california
the missouri population is around 6 million and the california population is around 40 million
it seems to be political
it shouldnt have been this way

we may not make it to that magical herd immunity rate
sadly we should already be there now

history is not going to look at us with a very nice view
it will have a tear in its eye when it views our covid journey

what went wrong
two things

not doing those two things is killing and has killed a lot of americans
will continue to do so 

5-10 years ago 
you wouldnt have believed me if i told you this was going to happen to us in the united states

it has brought us a lot of unnecessary death

the organicgreen doctor

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