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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

covid 19-do it for the children


the delta variant is not the same covid virus that hits us over a year ago
its changed
its much more aggressive
its viral load is heavier
it seems to be going after the younger population
its overcoming the protection of the vaccine but thankfully the vaccine is keeping those vaccinated people out of the hospital and out of icu and off ventilators and from dying
is going after the children
they are now our most vulnerable victims of this awful infection
the vaccinated percentage of those under 12 is

they have no protection against this virus
they are at our mercy

if you watch interviews of the pediatric infectious disease doctors the pediatric hospitalists the pediatric intensive care doctors the pediatric emergency room doctors in the large pediatric hospitals in those hard hit areas of covid
that would be mostly the southern states like arkansas missouri texas oklahoma mississippi florida and others 
they are starting to get overwhelmed with the pediatric patients admitted with covid
many in icu and many on ventilators
many were healthy children before getting sick with covid 
some have died

i wander what the long haul problems will be in these infected kids

a well known and respected pediatric infectious doctor from houston says it will be bad this fall
what you see now will only get worse for this vulnerable population
our children

schools unmasked high rates of unvaccinated folks unwarranted mandates from political leaders schools starting up sports starting up 
it will be a cesspool of super spreader events that will only perpetuate this surge to higher levels
he is afraid it will cause massive school shutdowns this fall
he hopes he is wrong
so far in this pandemic he has been right on his predictions

the hospital rate for covid infections is already the highest in pediatric hospitals since the pandemic started last year
that peak spike will be the highest or i should say it now is the highest spike so far
its scary that it will only get worse

we havent even hit the part of the year when infectious diseases hit the hardest in kids
thats coming soon real soon 

sadly for me my whole medical career was spent in areas that are the hardest hit
its sad to see whats happening to them
the vaccination rate is low in all of the areas
one is the worst in texas
sadly its showing up in the bad hospital covid rates in its local hospitals
sadly its going to even get worse

there is a solution to slow this down and stop this without killing and maiming our children 

if those over 12 arent vaccinated they need to get vaccinated
the fda needs to approve asap the vaccine in the under 12 year old group and they need to be vaccinated
if these two things happen 
this disaster this tragedy will be shut down or slowed dramatically 

if that doesnt happen then for our kids this will be a disaster this fall and winter

other things need to be done

mask mandates for schools and school events
vaccine mandates for students and staff
frequent handwashing
vaccine mandates for employers
covid screening at school
mask mandates in the community
mask and vaccine mandates for events 
fda approval of the vaccines for all age groups
its on all of us to get this done

if you live in one of these states being overwhelmed
if you dont do these things
what you are seeing now in your state will only get worse

it on us on you if this happens
our kids need our help

sadly for us in the high vaccinated states with low covid infections
it will bleed over to us this fall
how bad it will be determined if we in those states can get our vaccination rates even higher

about a month from now
look at where the numbers are
if they are worse
that pediatric infectious disease in houston will be right again

im hoping he is wrong

the organicgreen doctor

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