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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, August 16, 2021

covid 19-what can i say


i dont argue with folks 
i dont try to change their minds
when they say those misinformed things about covid 19 and its miracle drug covid preventer the covid vaccine

what i do
i just simply say

what can i say

im doing the right things
im doing the right scientific medical things
yes i believe in science
ill be able to sleep at night knowing im protected and so is my family 
ill be able to sleep at night knowing they are unlikely to die from covid
ill be able to look myself in the mirror now and months and years from now
you did the right things 
they didnt
see the disaster that was left for us to all suffer through

it didnt and doesnt have to be this way

what can i say 

a little over a week ago my wife and i were exposed to someone who tested positive for covid 19 and also developed covid 19 infection
she had cough fever body aches lethargy marked fatigue shortness of breath and cough
after 5 days of symptoms she has gotten better but is left with marked fatigue
she was double vaccinated and is in good health
had she not been vaccinated she probably would have been a lot sicker and would have been hospitalized
so far a week later her immediate contacts are not postive for covid 
her double vaccinated spouse did not get sick 

following cdc protocol we quarantined for 10 days
at the 5th day we were tested for covid 19 and were negative
at the 7th day today we will tested for covid 19 with the more accurate pcr test
since i have to go in 2 days to get an infusion at ucla
as a precaution to make sure we are covid free to be around mr hudson 

i only went to the store once on day 7 and i double masked with a kn95 mask and a cloth mask
to be careful

this exposure and seeing how sick she got even though she was double vaxxed has made us revert back to full pandemic protection mode 
even when we get our pcr tests back

we will wear our masks anytime we go outside our condo
i will wear a mask in the garden or if we hike or go for a walk
i will double mask going into a store or a crowded situation
actually i was already doing most of this anyway except i had quit masking while walking outside and in the garden

we plan to stay masked around mr hudson to protect him until he can get vaccinated
we were already doing this before our covid exposure
we now are limiting our exposure to folks even if they are double vaxxed

yes vaccinated folks who get covid can spread it to others
they are unlikely to get real sick like an unvaccinated person 
they are unlikely to get hospitalized or die

the fda approved the use of a 3rd booster in immunocompromised folks
here is a npr article that lists who can get the booster

cancer patients
transplant patients
certain autoimmune diseases
connective tissue diseases patients who are on immunosuppressive drugs
these connective tissue diseases are crohns disease ulcerative colitis rheumatoid arthritis lupus psoriatic arthritis to name a few

if you have a connective disease and are on drugs for it you should contact your pcp or specialist to see if your drug can suppress your immune system
if so they may recommend you get your 3rd booster

patients on high dose steroids 

some hiv patients
stem cell transplant patients
primary immunodeficiency patients

we are now at 650 deaths a day in the us
sadly for florida they account for 150 of those deaths
florida and texas account for 40% of all us hospitalizations
obviously those two states are doing something wrong

mississippi has had a 2000% increase in cases in one month

only 23% of pregnant women are vaccinated
since the virus is attacking young folks and unvaccinated the worse
more moms and their babies are getting sick with covid
if moms get vaccinated when pregnant they transfer some protection to their babies

10% of kids who get covid have long haul symptoms
in dallas county this weekend there were no pediatric icu beds available

when i look out into the near future
i see this not getting better
i see it being worse than last year
the tragedies will be in unvaccinated folks young folks children pregnant moms
and vaccinated folks who are immunocompromised etal
remember that includes old folks especially older than me i hope

i see super spreader events all over the place
eg the bike rally in the dakotas with hundreds of folks many if not most not vaccinated
most if not all unmasked
last years event infected thousands of folks across the us with covid
this years rally will even be worse im afraid
since this delta virus and the new delta plus variant are so much more contagious and seems to be hitting folks faster and stronger 
many of these folks will attend im afraid their last bike rally this year

this weekend i watched several different nfl games 
i watched not the games but i watched the fans
i really didnt see many masks
i saw a lot of standing up and yelling and a lot of beer drinking
a made for covid spreader event

i wonder if the nfl teams have good liability insurance or do they make you sign a waver

the next is the college games
like texas ohio state texas am alabama florida to name a few with their over 100000 seating capacity 
im afraid its not going to be pretty this year
watch for the covid surge the week following the games

its possible there could be disruption of games again this year

this weekend i talked to an elementary teacher who is double vaxxed
last year she did in school teaching starting in november
she had no cases of covid in her kids
this year she said 
i dont really think we will make it through the year without us having to go back to virtual school again

the only thing that will prevent that is mask wearing and vaccinating all students and school employees
until that happens 
things will only get worse

if you have ever been around a wildfire then you know how fast it can take over and cause mass destruction
starting now the wildfire of covid 19 will probably hit your school and community and things will get worse
yes sorry to say to those of you where its already real bad 
its just going to get worse

if your community doesnt get near a 90% immunity to covid 19 thats the new herd immunity %
this is not slowing down much

vaccine mandates 

sorry for this bad news
what can i say

the organicgreen doctor

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