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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, August 23, 2021

covid 19-is the future bleak or is there some light at the end of the tunnel


there may be some light peaking through in the dark covid 19 future

but first
some dark news

in orlando they use oxygen to help sterilize the water system
however so much oxygen is being used in the area hospitals that the oxygen for making the water drinkable and safe is being diverted to the hospitals 
area residents are being asked to reduce water consumption 
if they dont do this then the water will need to be boiled before its used to make it safe to drink

there are 1000 deaths a day now in the us
almost all of them re unvaccinated
those that die who are vaccinated usually have some underlying health problem that lowers their immune system
close to 1000 folks who chose to be unvaccinated for whatever reason are now dead each day
all would be alive if they had been vaccinated

in a month if things dont change its estimated that in most places if not all the number of cases and hospitalizations and deaths will be twice what they are now
even in places where it is bad now it will be twice as worse
sorry texas

all would have been preventable
what can i say 

these virus variants like delta and delta plus are highly contagious and highly transmitted
what you did and got by at the beginning will get you infected now

the horror will be if we get a variant thats worse than the delta and gets resistant to our vaccines
that will be a real horror story 
we will all then be at ground zero together again

there are 93 million unvaccinated folks who are keeping this virus going so it can infect more people 
unless most of them get vaccinated then we will never see the light at the end of the tunnel this year

at least 
until a lot of them get covid and end up in the hospital or die or get long term covid symptoms
also causing many of our breakthrough covid cases in those of us who did the right thing and got vaccinated 
luckily the vaccinated arent getting real sick and dying like the unvaxxed folks

fema as of last month has paid around $350,000,000 for covid funerals

in texas a study checking antibodies to covid in folks showed only 30% had antibodies to covid
that doesnt bode well for texas

now for maybe some good news

those who die from covid quit spreading the virus

the fda is expected to approve the pfizer vaccine for full approval today
that will be followed soon for moderna and johnson and johnson
folks for various reasons have been waiting for that approval to get vaccinated
so more folks will get vaxxed soon

because they will be approved then this allows governments and schools and business and events to mandate vaccines to participate
no vax no play

this will also now put these places with liability for exposure to the covid in these locations
look for the lawsuits to start
look for those tv ads to start by the lawyers
now they can sue

this will cause business folks et al  to mandate masks and mandate vaccinations
all about 8 months too late for thousands of dead americans that we paid millions to bury
all preventable i must add
what can i say

in later september to october the fda may approve the vaccine for school kids from 5-12
that along with the mandates will increase the vaccination rates
remember we need to be at 80-90%  to shut this down

then the only group left will be the under 5 year olds 
that approval may be late this year or early next year
thats when hudson and other young kids who are at risk can get theirs
we will definitely celebrate when that happens

a booster shot is now recommended for those who got their vaccines but are immunosuppressed
eg an acquaintance who has a connective tissue disease and is on an immunosuppressive drug will qualify for that booster
they plan to contact their specialist to be sure then get their vaccine this week
it will boost their antibody levels to covid to a higher amount to offer better protection

for those of us who are vaccinated it will soon be fda approved to get a third shot
eg my wife she and i will get ours in the first week of november 
this shot will boost our antibody levels high enough to protect us against the delta virus and probably any new variant that comes along

i expect there will be a late winter or early spring booster against the delta virus
you betcha
my wife she and i will be first in line

breakthrough cases
if you are not immunosuppressed and you get covid then you probably wont get sick enough to be in the hospital
if you are over 65 years old and get a breakthrough case you are in the high risk category to get sicker

if you get a breakthrough case yes you can spread the virus even if you dont have symptoms
you should follow cdc recommendations for isolation
it should involve negative testing before you get out of isolation which can be 10-14 days
i would do two tests at least two days apart to be safe

if you are vaccinated and get exposed you should quarantine yourself and get a covid tests at day 5 and maybe seven to be sure you are negative
usually symptoms start 3-5 days after exposure but it can take up to 14 days

dont be responsible for making an at risk person sick

keep up with the cdc recommendations since these can change as more is learned about the delta virus

then finally 
wear a mask when you are indoors with anyone not in your immediate group
we mask with anyone whether family or not

if you are unvaxxed do your part for yourself your family and for society 
get vaxxed

encourage businesses schools events sports to mandate vaccinations
dont use these places if they dont

if you have a child that goes to school
make them wear a mask
have them change to a new mask mid day 
the masks get wet and dont work as well
wear the mask even when outside

the school should have a mandate for masks and vaccines for students and all school employees
on arrival home the student should change clothes and shower
when the vaccine becomes available get them vaccinated
test your child twice a week with the home kits
they can have the virus for a few days before symptoms start
if they are positive follow the cdc guidelines
do isolation and have negative tests before returning to school

some schools are doing the testing at school but most are not
many do it only on symptomatic kids but thats usually too late

here one elementary school already has had postive cases requiring home isolation of exposed students

schools that dont do all of these things will likely have to shut down this fall

if they
are aggressive in mitigation like masks distancing testing mandate staff vaccinations
get all the school kids vaccinated
the schools may be the safest place for the kids to be
this could happen within the next 6-8 weeks

be vigilant
be safe
wear your mask
get vaxxed up 
dont be a super spreader participant

the organicgreen doctor

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