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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

immigration reform is needed



this is complicated
i dont even try to say i understand all the issues
i just know whatever we are doing now no matter which party is in power doesnt work

if you listened to each side of the issue your eyes get all blurry eyed
its hard to understand it

i thought about this a lot yesterday when someone responded to a covid blog i wrote that the reason texas and florida had high covid rates was because of the covid cases in immigrants coming across the border
no i replied its due to low vaccination rates in texas and arkansas and the low vaccination rates in the surrounding states 

so why are all those immigrants flowing across the borders in the first place

that reason is what needs to be fixed

here is a review article from bloomberg on what should be done

most americans and probably most congress persons agree that daca folks the dreamers should be given permanent paths to citizenship maybe even fast track it

we in the united states need the immigrants to provide a workforce
just  ask the technology sectors who rely on same engineers from foreign countries to fill positions
just ask the medical field who needs doctors and nurses and other medical folks to fill medical positions especially in these covid times
just ask the agriculture industry who could not operate without these immigrants to keep their workforce filled

we have a lot depending on getting the immigration reform done in a nonpartisan way
like with the much needed 20 years + too late infrastructure bill just passed via the senate

its there the need
its there both sides say it needs to be done

there just needs to be a compromise done 

lets start with the daca kids first

we cant afford not to do this 

the organicgreen doctor

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