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Monday, August 30, 2021

covid 19-what a superspreader event looks like


a few weeks ago i predicted that the sturges south dakota bike rally would be a superspreader event
it was last year
it would be again this year
it did become one this year

its predicted around 500,000 showed up for the rallies
no rules on masking or vaccination or well no rules
the price of freedom i guess

prior to the rally the positivity rates were in that area
1 month before at 6.1%
2 weeks before at 10+%
2 weeks afterwards at 38.8%
so right now 1 out of every 3 tests are positive

here in santa barbara our positivity rate is 7%

these bikers came from everywhere
the surrounding states have now also noticed an uptick in cases

each infected person can infect about 5-6 people
so start doing the math for 500,000 folks you can start to see how many folks could have gotten infected from this biker rally 
if only 1% got infected that would be 5,000
if they infected 5 people that would be 25,000
if they infected 5 people that would be 125,000
if they infected 5 people that would be 600,000 folks infected in about 1 month
these are spread out over several states

so despite what the state health officials say as they spin this 
the sturges biker rally was a super superspreader event

now multiple this by all those small and large events like weddings birthday parties receptions school sporting events college and professional sporting events concerts rallies and the list goes on and on
add to this the low vaccine rates across the us worst in some places better in others
add to this the overwhelming of the health care system in many states
the health care system in mississippi is about to have a total collapse
the hurricane may be the icing on the cake that does it in in missisippi

if you take the statistics from california texas and florida and line them up 
you can see stark differences it how each states is doing

why is california doing better than the other two 

now im going to be honest here and tell the truth 
its a democratic state who has less anitvaxxers in it than the others
there are pockets of the state that is doing as bad as the southern states
there is a lot in common in those areas
rural more conservative more antivaxxers
but overall 
california is doing better
we have a mask mandate for schools and businesses
we have a higher vaccine rate
we have more rules for large gatherings
we have more vaccine mandates happening

texas and florida dont have those
they are mostly conservative and linked to the antivax and antimask environment

how many kids and adults do these folks have to maim and kill before society says
thats enough
we need to suck it up and put our big boy pants on and do what needs to do
if we dont
im afraid
the maiming and killing and disruption of our lives will only continue

ive seen and read about a lot of tragic stories about folks and families dying from covid despite an easy treatment that will prevent this death
the vaccines
there is nothing else that comes close

our group is all vaccinated except for the kids
we plan to get our boosters when its available
our kids will get vaccinated when they become available soon i hope
sorry but we plan to stay away from you if you arent vaccinated and are not dong what needs to be done to protect all of us
we will stay masked 
we will do safe things
we will protect ourselves no matter what yall do

if everyone doesnt do this then ......
what can i say 

the organicgreen doctor

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