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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, August 2, 2021

covid 19-its only going to get a lot worse


see that covid virus going down into that deep tunnel in this artists rendition of the pandemic drawn over a year ago
that covid virus would be the alpha covid virus or the wildtype or the original one

today well over a year later that covid virus would be the delta virus
its the original covid virus on steroids
a virus stephen king would put in his horror books

this super virus is highly contagious worse than small pox or chicken pox or polio

this super delta virus is mainly looking for the unvaccinated folks
it is also catching some of the vaccinated folks in its wake 
these are usually folks over 65 yrs old and those who are immunosuppressed

if you are vaccinated and get the alpha virus you may not get sick at all
if you are vaccinated and get the delta viurus you might get sick but are unlikely to get hospitalized and have a 99.999% chance of NOT dying from covid

if you are vaccinated you can carry the virus if exposed to it and infect other folks like 
those unvaccinated
those vaccinated who are immunosuppressed

if you are unvaccinated you will probably get sick and will also probably transmit it to several other folks who are usually your friends or your family 

99.5% of those who die from covid are unvaccinated

if you are unvaccinated you will probably catch covid before this is all over with and will transmit it to others

if you are vaccinated you are unlikely to die from covid and if you are immunosuppressed and vaccinated you may get sick but you are unlikely to die from covid

if you are vaccinated and get infected you carry the same amount of virus in your nasopharynx as an unvaccinated person
you are just not as contagious as an unvaccinated person

thats why we should all be wearing masks to keep from getting infected no matter if you are vaccinated or not
and to keep from infecting others who are unvaccinated and who are vaccinated but are immunosuppressed
since they are the ones that will get the sickest
you are less likely to catch it yourself and spread it to others

if you are not vaccinated you should get vaccinated

if we dont all wear masks and yall who arent vaccinated dont get vaccinated this pandemic may not ever end
it will leave a lot of destruction and death along its path

its on you not on those of us who are vaccinated
we did our part
now you need to do yours

i have had my two shots and when the booster is available i will get it asap
i am wearing my masks in high risk exposures like stores etc
i will avoid large gatherings like weddings parties indoor restaurants concerts sporting events etc

if you are wondering why 
just watch what happens in the us in the next 2-3 months
i dont want to be one of those statistics on covid

the schools need to have a vaccine mandate like they have for other viruses 
the schools need to have a mask mandate also
the mandates should include all visitors and all employees

colleges health care facilities businesses airlines sporting events concerts etc should have vaccine mandates and mask mandates

the military needs to have a vaccine mandate

the fda needs to give its final official approval of the covid vaccines asap

there is a legal liability for those who allow others to get infected with covid 19
this will start happening once the fda gives its final approval
liability insurance will likely require these mandates

if we dont do this stuff above then we are going to have a miserable and devastating 2021 and 2022 and beyond

in a month its predicted we will have 300,000 new cases a day in the us
we are now at 70,000 a day 

in a month or so we will get up to 1500 deaths a day
we are now at around 300 a day

those numbers will worsen if this delta surge takes off even more

the worse hit states are louisiana florida mississippi alabama arkansas missouri 
florida had the highest number of cases this weekend than any other day in this whole pandemic
what do these stares have in common
all southern states
all have low vaccine rates
all have no mask mandates

the main thing that will slow all this down is getting folks vaccinated

it will continue to spread like wildfire

when the west virginia governor saw all the recent data from his state
he said it made him want to pee and throw up
while he is in the bathroom he should sit on the pot cause it going to get worse

i do worry that we have missed our chance to stop this pandemic

the organicgreen doctor

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