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Thursday, August 12, 2021

garden news-whats a seed bomb


botanical interest seeds

i read this article this week about seed bombing empty lots in cities

im sure no matter where you live you have these messy eyesore empty lots 
here in santa barbara there arent really many empty lots 
i see one every time i drive to my garden
i thought about throwing some seeds on it even before i read the article

whats seed bombing
well here is a good link and description of how to make a seed bomb

basically if i were to do it here i would take some of our clay soil and get it wet
i would put in seeds like those pictured above
make a round ball
let it dry 
when its dry 
you throw it into the empty eyesore lots
when it hits the ground the bomb breaks open and spreads the seeds
nature takes over

done from a distance
apparently illegally done

have i ever done something like this 
it if i did would usually involve seeds like
sun flower seeds
native wildflower seeds
native grasses seeds

have i ever done something like this in texas

have i ever done something like this in california 

they say 
its nice to go back weeks later and see beautiful wildflowers growing 
to see a big ole sunflower reaching up to the sky
to see native grasses growing where weeds use to me

i think this is a good way to show civil disobedience

do we have unexpected wildflowers and sunflowers near where i live
i did notice some the other day 

i did notice that empty lot has some nice wildflowers growing in it now

the organicgreen doctor

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