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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

the ultimate gift


this is mr hudson
this is him on an excavator positioned in his backyard for his 3rd birthday
about one year after he received the ultimate gift 
a kidney
from his angel pf
who appeared out of nowhere to donate her kidney to save his life

a year ago we were in the middle of the pandemic 
the transplants were delayed because of it
this one for hudson was being threatened to be delayed had things worsened

through a lot of hard work by everyone involved
mr hudson got his kidney
when he got it he was about to go on dialysis
he was not talking not walking not eating well laying around sick looking not looking happy
most of his nutrition he got was from enteral feedings

one year later
he is a normal 3 year who loves trucks and construction equipment
he eats like crazy 
he talks all the time
he is quite the active 3 year old
he loves to swim ride his scooter run and jump and play go to the garden throw rocks play in the dirt and the sand
he only uses the enteral tube to keep his adult kidney hydrated since he cant drink enough water on his on
he is a happy normal appearing 3 year old 
to that
angel donor pf who saved his life

there are a lot hudsons out there in the world 
just waiting for someone to give them a second life
like angel pf did for mr hudson

there was a nice article linked here that i read about myths about donating organs while you are alive and of course when you die

when someone comes in the emergency room doa there is a good chance their organs can not be used for transplant
when the patient dies the organs start dying and cant be used

a live donor provides eg in mr hudsons case a live healthy kidney a live organ undamaged right into the recipients body
eg angel pf had her kidney removed while mr hudson was being readied to receive the life saving donation of her kidney 
in a multihour long surgery mr hudson received her healthy kidney 
these live organs tend to last longer and work better than one from someone that died

the first thing to do is make sure you have given your permission to be a donor 
i looked at my drivers license and it says donor on it
i just dont want anyone to get my eyes since i cant see worth a dang without glasses
otherwise they can take all they want
just my brain goes to ucla for research

this article covers 10 myths about organ donation

-will i become handicapped or damaged when you donate a live organ ie liver or kidney

angel pf stayed in the hospital for two days 
she stayed in santa barbara for 10 days then flew back to the east coast
she was back
to work in less than a month
a year later she is doing fine

-my religion doesnt permit me to donate an organ

yes it does

-i am too old to donate my organs

the rules for hudson prevented his grandparents from donating their organs
they are looking at raising the age for donating an organ

-an organ from a female cant be donated in a male

yes it can 
pf a mother donated to mr hudson

-if i donate an organ i am unable to have a family

yes you can

-i can buy a kidney or liver

no you cant in the us

-for a child we require organs from a child

nope again
pf a mom gave her kidney to a 2 year hudson
again she saved his life
how good must that feel huh

-organs can be harvested once a person dies

once a person dies the organs cant be used
eg a brain dead person is kept alive then the organs are donated 
then the person is allowed to die

-after brain death only liver and kidneys are donated

nope again
kidneys heart liver intestines lungs pancreas can be donated
so one person can save seven peoples lives
a live person can only donate a kidney or part of their liver

give the gift of life
consider being a live donor

its the ultimate gift

just ask pf and mr hudson

the organicgreen donor

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