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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

controlling cow toots


an article from the conversation via yahoo

i have been around cows a lot in my lifetime
once i worked as a lab assistant at the animal science department
we had to collect stool or poop samples from cattle to test for parasites
you know like the ones that ivermectin is used on 
i even grew the worms in the lab

i dont remember hearing a cow toot though
maybe they just belched a lot

when they do toot or belch what they are belching or tooting is methane
thats why those methane toots will flame out a burning match
thats a teenage male thing thats actually dangerous to do

why is all that methane being passed into the air so bad
it leads to lot of this greenhouse gas being belched or tooted into the air that is contributing to climate change

many cattle are fed in big ole feedlots that smell so bad
just drive by some in west texas 
you will understand

the diet the animals are fed make a difference in how much methane is produced
like in humans
beans and other legumes tend to make one produce a lot of methane toots
they even make stuff called beano that supposedly cuts down on the amount of toots produced in humans

not sure how well that works though 
just saying

in the article linked here and above under the photo researchers write about a possible way to cut down on the amount of methane being produced by cattle

it seems so simple
i might even put some in my next pot of beans

here is a youtube video linked in the article on cow burps

basically they fed cows seaweed
it reduced the amount of methane produced
the cows made much less harmful and should i say less smelly gas
which is much more earth friendly
the seaweed amount was adjusted to not affect milk production and meat taste

what a simple solution to our cow methane problem

i wonder if it will work in humans
ive decided i will sprinkle some seaweed in my next pot of beans to see if this works in humans
i will report back 
i should say my wife she will report back the results

the organicgreen doctor

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