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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

covid 19-sorry but its only going to get worse


as i was reading articles on covid this morning 
i realized that this covid surge was about to bump up against a new surge that will likely be worse than anything we have had before

i looked at the university of washingtons prediction graph linked here
the worse case scenario which we seem to be headed to will be 3100+ deaths a day
if we would all mask up that number will drop to around 200+ deaths a day 
by the end of december we may be at 7-800,000 deaths total
all those new ones dying are mostly sadly to say unvaxxed

yes the number of unvaxxed americans will decrease sadly only because so many will be dying
then more than that will be permanently damaged by the covid 19
what a toll to have to undergo but shouldnt have to happen 
just get vaxxed and wear your masks
wear your mask even if you are vaxxed

even if your are vaxxed you can catch a breakthrough case and spread it to others who are vulnerable
yes even vaxxed who are immunocompromised  can get sick and be hospitalized
most though wont die from covid
the unvaxxed make up almost all of the deaths now from covid

so that means in the worse case scenerio that about 150,000  unvaxxed folks will die in the us in the next 2-3 months

if you live say in texas for example
sorry but looking at whats not being done in that state
you guys are doomed for an awful awful awful tragic fall and winter

your state wont make you wear masks
remember wearing a mask something mr hudson and ms b pops on their face without a second thought
they know what some of you dont seem to understand
that it will prevent the spread of this awful deadly virus

in central texas where you live and where i lived and was in practice for over 20 years
sorry but you are going to get slammed real hard

one school district there made the national news since it had so many cases
they are closing down and requiring masks despite what the governor says

remember wearing a mask will keep 2500 mostly unvaxxed people from dying each day in the us
if we dont do that they will die at our or should i say your not masking up 

here is an article on the schools in the austin area
austin isd has about 75,000 students and had 397 cases
another smaller school lh has about 6700 students with 387 cases
another smaller school lv has about 1800 students with 135 cases

the difference in the statistics is whether a school requires masking

remember each person can infect up to 5 people

thus just masking will make a big difference
add on folks getting vaxxed and folks avoiding super spreader events 
those numbers would even get better

the school district where i was in practice last and the one where we lived have awful numbers
as shown above

there is no
no mask requirements
no limitations on activities
those numbers of cases in the schools are quite high
all  preventable

their kids are sitting ducks for covid 19
so are their vulnerable family members

the austin school district right next to the large district where i practiced has very few cases
i see they have no school closures
they defied the governors mask mandate and require masks and other mitigation things

this weekend i watched texas play football at their new renovated stadium that holds over 100,000 folks
my guess was there was around 70-80,000 fans mostly unmasked screaming and yelling 
20-30,000 did what was right and stayed home
there were no vax requirements or negative covid tests requirements
there was a lot of tailgating and partying before and after the game

that folks was a true super spreader event
add to that all the local high school sporting events
add to that the big austin music festival coming up 
well at least the festival is requiring a vax or a negative covid test to enter

still remember
if you are vaxxed you can still get an infection and can spread it to others
those vaxxed immunocompromised folks are still vulnerable to infection
they are the vaxxed folks who show up as a death statistic 
granted only a small percentage of those who die are vaxxed

mainly the unvaxxed are dying

then this weekend was labor day 
folks traveled around and stirred up the germs real good

then now all the schools and colleges are open

what you have now in places like central texas and texas is a cesspool of covid infections
that is leaving
that will leave
death and illness worse than it is now

this will happen starting up in about 1-2 weeks and peeking in 4-6 weeks
i hope it peaks for gods sake 

yep it will be a lot worse in october and november 
in texas
florida may even be worse than texas
across the deep south 
also everywhere else in the us

its predicted the health care systems across the deep south will collapse
plans are being made to do what is called
crisis management

when you enter ill with bad covid
you will get a score on your health
if you have a bad score say an old folk with multiple heath problems 
you will be set aside to die

there will be rationing of care 
there probably already is rationing of care 

a younger healthier person will get a better score
an older person or a younger unhealthy person will get a lower score 
they will be set aside also 

yes this is going to happen if things get worse

there is not enough medical staff to provide the intensive care
one area eg is out of ecmo machine operators
the ecmo takes the blood out of the neck into a machine to oxygenate  the blood and return it to the patients
only half put on these machines live
in many areas they have enough machines just not enough operators
these areas have no ecmo capabilities
there arent enough nurses or doctors

staff is getting burned out
staff is having to be brought in front  outside sources

i see on my social media feeds where former friends and their families are being hit hard with the covid
i predicted this a few weeks ago and you could see the antivax and anti mask rhetoric that was going on 
no the horse wormer didnt prevent them from getting it

add mu
mu is the next variant
you can see its numbers gradually creeping up 
if it is more transmittable and infectious and more resisted to the vaxxs than the delta 
it will probably take over

if the mu takes over and its is a worse variant then things will get even worse

what do you do if you live in central texas

make sure you get vaxxed
make sure you move in circles where folks are all vaxxed
make sure you wear a mask and your kids wear a mask
if your kids go to a school where masks arent required then do virtual school
avoid gatherings even if you are vaxxed

remember you can still catch it if vaxxed granted you wont get sicker unless you are immunocompromised
remember you can still spread it if you are vaxxed
make sure your school requires masks and do frequent handwashing and has good ventilations

if you do all these things then in cenral texas things will only get worse
a lot worse

the numbers of unvaxxed are dropping since they are dying from covid and many are seeing friends and family getting sick and dying and they are vaxxing up 

about 20% are not vaxxing at all and probably wont ever
they are the ones that are preventing this pandemic from ending 
now im not talking about those who cant get vaxxed
im talking about those who wont get vaxxed

when they start vaxxing the kids under 12 we will start to see things slow down some
so will the third booster shots coming soon 
if we dont mask up over the next few months 
a lot of americans will die
the medical services wont be there if you need it this fall

i also just read that the number one cop killer in the us
is not getting shot by a gun
not geting a covid 19 shot

here is the solution
wear a mask whether vaxxed or unvaxxed
mask mandates at schools and places of business
vaxx mandates at schools and places of business
mask and vaxx mandates for vents
limit gatherings
all eligible folks get vaxxed 

if we do 
this pandemic will end or get slowed 
if we dont
remember those crisis scores
we will have an awful awful awful fall and winter

its on us
what else can i say 

the organicgreen doctor

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