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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, September 27, 2021

covid 19-booster shot here i come whats your risk for your activity things may get better


i am scheduled on friday to get my booster shot for the pfizer vaccine
i received my second shot on march 6 2021

why am i getting my third shot this booster shot

i am 71 years old 
because as one ages your immune system wanes so that your immunity against the covid virus drops making you susceptible to getting an infection
most of those who died from covid after being fully vaccinated are older folks or immunocompromised folks

i also want to protect mainly mr hudson who is immunocompromised from his meds he takes to prevent rejection of his kidney
even a mild or even an asymptomatic breakthrough case can transmitted it to him
thus we wear masks around him and avoid risky activities that could infect us which would infect him
think about your loved ones and contact persons who are highly susceptible to this infection

here are the recommendations the final ones for the booster shot for those who got the pfizer shot
yes i agree with all the recommendations

get a booster shot

if you are immunocompromised like cancer treatment connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid arthritis ulcerative colitis lupus etc  had a transplant and other diseases that compromise your immune system

if you are 65 and older

if you live in a long term facility 

if you are 50-64 and have an underlying condition that puts you at risk for a severe covid infection
eg diabetes obesity asthma emphysema heart disease etc

you should consider a booster shot also 
if you are 18-49 with certain underlying medical conditions

if you work in a covid risky occupation like eg healthcare worker or front line worker like eg a teacher

this is only for those who got the pfizer 2 shot series
you need 6 months since your first shot
the side effects seem to be the same as the first two shots

those who got the moderna and johnson and johnson need to wait
its expected they will get approval for the booster shot soon in a few weeks

hopefully soon they will approve mixing up the vaccines but for now its not recommended to do that

soon i will be triple vaxxed 
i will be as protected as i can be
i will continue to wear my mask
i will avoid gatherings etc until more folks are vaxxed and this epidemic is slowed down
see below

new predictions are 
there is no appearance of a new aggressive variant
the 5-12 year olds get vaxxed in high enough numbers
the under 5 year olds can start to get vaxxed
those unvaxxed numbers drop
and only then
we may not have a winter surge

dally deaths may drop from around 2000 a day to around 100 a day 
remember those deaths are almost all unvaxxed

the curve will drop down to where it was in march of 2020

the common factor in all the predictions mentioned in this npr article is based on folks getting vaxxed especially the kids
mask wearing

we are close real close now it seems to slowing this down

i know i know we said this once before earlier this year
folks didnt do what needed to be done

hopefully this time they will do whats right

then finally here is a website with a calculator that will predict how risky a certain activity is in the area where you live
i looked at shopping at a grocery store in austin area and in santa barbara and in idaho the worst area hit right now
i also looked at a sporting event like a texas longhorn game in austin

i put in the info like it was me eg i wore an n95 mask and i was double vaxxed

shopping for me at a grocery store in austin was moderate risk
in idaho was high risk
in santa barbara was low risk

going to a ut longhorn football game for me is very high risk
its worse if you are unvaxxed
yes all these games are superspreader events
wonder why the media doesnt talk about it as much 

if you are wondering what your risk is for like going on a plane or going to a concert or going to a bar or going to an indoor restaurant etc you can put in the zip code and enter your vax status and mask wearing etc 
it will then give you a risk profile based on the information

going to a bar in idaho one of the worst hit areas unmasked and unvaxxed would be dangerously hi risk

going to school unvaxxed umasked in texas would be an extreme risk for catching covid
that why 
you are seeing such high numbers in the schools there
not here for example

get vaxxed if you arent vaxxed
thats the only way this will ever end

consider like me to get your booster shot

wear your mask

use the calculator to assess how risky your activity is
decide if its worth the risk

the oganicgreen doctor

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