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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

covid 19-will i get the third booster shot


there is only one answer for me

i will qualify since i am over 65 years old

since i am in the biogen aduhelm (aducanumab) study i have to time my immunization no matter which one 10 days after my infusions and 10 days before my infusion
i think its because aduhelm is a monoclonal antibody 
i have circled friday october 1st as the day i will get mine

i got the pfizer shot 2nd shot on march 6th of this year
so that will be at least 6 months after my last one

why am i getting it
one answer
mr hudson who is immunocompromised from his kidney transplant
i dont want to bring it to him

remember even if you are double vaxxed you can still transmit the virus to others
if you get sick your case may be milder

many dont even realize they are sick when they are contagious
thats what makes this virus so dangerous
it can be transmitted just 3 days after exposure
you may not even know you have it when you pass it to someone
thats what makes this so dangerous to the vulnerable folks

so i try to avoid high risk situations that could expose me to the virus
i always wear a mask outside the condo
i wear an n95 mask to protect myself better

my wife she and i are doing about 90% of the things we were doing before the pandemic
we are doing them safer
we arent going to indoor restaurants concerts staying in hotels flying or traveling 
i have limited my volunteering to just the community garden

i plan to do this until i get triple vaxxed and this pandemic has waned a lot more than it appears it will in the next several months
expect another surge or bump to occur later this winter

if the kids get vaxxed and my wife she and i get triple vaxxed then we will be in good shape i think
until them
i aint changing what i do
weve come too far in the last 18 months+ to let our guard down now

the fda advisory committee recommended only vaxxing the over 65 year olds and the immunocompromised folks
im not sure how they define immunocompromised but that will include a lot of you
eventually moderna and johnson and johnson will get approved for the additional shots

the fda panel will vote on all of this
sometimes they dont agree with the fda advisory committee

the cdc reviews all of this and makes their recommendation
sometimes its the same and sometimes its slightly different than the fda panel

my guess it will be the same

eventually all of yall will be recommended to get a 3rd shot

i hope that they will better identify those immunocompromised persons 
an obese male middle age with high blood pressure and diabetes is immunocompromised
there are also a lot of high risk folks with diseases that make them high risk
just read the stories of folks who are immunized against covid who get real sick
they have a lot of comorbidities

yesterday i was talking to a local nurse who works at the local hospital
now thats who folks should be talking to 
they see it every day

she was immunized against covid in december of 2020 
she is exposed everyday at work to covid patients
in my mind that makes her high risk
she should get the 3rd shot also now
she also told me of cases of long haul covid where theyre are in and out of the hospital multiple times over the last year

these nurses know
they are big covid vaccine advocates
they live this disease every day 

they should make some of these governors in the hard hit states walk through the covid units to see what their decisions do to people
well one of them will have to use his wheelchair to tour these dying covid patients

im getting my 3rd shot since i am older and im sure my immune system is not as good as it was years ago
i read of too many older folks catching this and getting gravely ill 
either dying or becoming a covid cripple
i dont want it to all end for me that way

i will wait to get my flu shot after my covid shot in my next 10 day window in later october
its ok to get the flu and covid shot together
i just didnt want to feel bad from the flu shot and the covid shot together

hopefully in about 10 days i will be triple vaxxed
take that you covid virus

my wife she got the moderna vaccine
it will probably get approved in two weeks for a 3rd shot
it will likely be an half dosed one since its first two shots were higher doses than pfizers
thats why its working better and also why it probably had more side effects

also if you had the covid infection and didnt get any vaxxine 
you may or may not have good antibody protection from the virus
it is recommended you get vaxxed

talk to your medical provider about getting your 3rd vaxxine

the organicgreen doctor

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