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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, September 13, 2021

covid 19-vaxxine requirements


here are the required vaxxines for the state of texas for schools
no not if you want to take them
they are required
its pretty much the same for all states 
some require a few more

here they are

dtap or diphtheria tetanus pertussis
hflu or hib
polio or ipv
hepatitis b
hepatitis a

not required in texas but should be are
pneumococcal or pcv
the worst one of all so far in my lifetime
covid 19
640,000+ deaths so far

as my medical career progressed and more vaxxines were availalble and required i saw less and less and less of these preventable by vaxxine infections

in my medical career and in my lifetime i have seen folks die from tetanus hepatitis b meningococcus pneumococcus rotavirus h flu and the flu now preventable by vaxxine requirements
sadly most of them were children

i saw one case of tetanus and that was in the morgue
of course the worst one of  all so far in my lifetime 
covid 19
640,000+ deaths so far

there are two vaccines that can prevent cancer
hpv can prevent cervical cancer and oropharyngeal cancer
hepatitis b can lead to liver cancer and liver failure

i saw kids die from pneumococcus from rotavirus from hflu or hib from the flu from meningococcus
and from hepatitis b
of course
the worse one of all in my lifetime
covid 19
640,000+deaths so far

in my career i never saw a case of measles or rubella or polio or small pox or diphtheria
because of vaxxine requirements

so if those who oppose these vaxxine requirements for covid 19
which is the deadliest infection we will see in our lifetime
does that mean they oppose these vaxxine requirements above already in place in all the states

if you oppose one you have to oppose the others

so why chose the most deadliest one to oppose

maybe pick one not as deadly

covid 19 is the one thats killing 1500 a day or around 10500 a week or 40,000+ a month in the us

remember that almost all of the 640,000+ that have died so far 
were unvaxxed

i repeat they were unvaxxed

why wouldnt you add covid 19 to the list

i cant really think of a good sane reason 

the organicgreen doctor

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